Yeast Bread Buns and Cruising the Back Roads Headed to Willow Creek Reservoir

Friday October 19, 2018 Willow Creek Area Nevada

Making some yummies

I’d been growing my yeast for the  last week or so and now it was mature enough to make some yeast bread stuff. So last night I mixed up the dough and made some little rolls and things frying them in olive oil.bread1


I had some of Dominique’s blackberry jam so I put some of  that on some of them. Yummm.buns2


Need gas and some internet

I had a good nights sleep and this morning when I got it going I headed out this road headed for the highway.maryscreek3


Duck Valley

I decided to go south back to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. I got gas for the van and then posted my blog at their computer lab and did a bit of internet stuff checking email and the weather for the next few days. All looks good.

Maggie’s summit road

I continued on south and turned off on the Maggie’s summit road. It’s fall on the ranches around here.ranch4


After Maggie’s summit I cruised through this aspen grove in fall colors.aspenroad5


It amazes me how much water is around here as it’s mostly desert.road6


Took the Tuscarora road

I turned onto the Tuscarora Road headed southwest back towards Winnemucca. Tuscarora is off to the right there in the foothills.tuscarcow7


Willow Creek Reservoir decisions

I made it to Willow Creek Reservoir and drove up to the ridge above the dam. I can see the boat ramp is done on the right. I was thinking about camping here,  but as the day wore on, I decided to find another spot.willow8


New boat ramp

Here’s he new boat ramp they just constructed when I came by earlier.ramp9


I drove over to check out the new boat ramp.newramp9


Looking for a camp

And decided to try finding a camp down the road a bit. I saw this road so drove up it a bit to check it out and turned around after about a half mile.sideroad10


Checking out the beaver dam

Just down below that road I could see the creek from the mostly dry reservoir had more water in it so I suspected some beaver activity so stopped to check it out and maybe camp here.

Here’s Willow creek with some beaver dammed water in it.creek11


I went for a little walk to check out the beaver dam which looked like this on the left there.dam12


Camped spot

I didn’t stay at that spot but drove down the road about another mile and pulled off here and camped for the night.camp13


Man made dam

I was wondering what the pipe fence was for so I took a walk to find out. I found out it was a little dam in the creek, but not from a beaver.

The dam is in  this tunnel on the other end and is open right now as there’s no water in the Willow Creek Reservoir flowing out to this creek.dam13


The swallows have built some nice sturdy nests in there but no one was home right now. They’ve likely flown south for the winter.nests14



I’m camped here for the night and tomorrow I’ll continue on to Winnemucca to shop and post this blog and then head north on highway 95 from there heading for northern California. I’ll likely not have any internet for a bit once I leave Winnemucca as I hope to be out in the boonies with some hunters.

Another nice day.

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3 Responses to Yeast Bread Buns and Cruising the Back Roads Headed to Willow Creek Reservoir

  1. Mister ed says:

    It looks like they come up a tad bit short on the boat ramp,,, another 20 bucks and they could’ve had it finished
    I was wondering when you’re traveling the back roads like you do,, do you ever run across anybody
    I think after the second day I’d be talking to myself and about the fourth I’d be answering myself as well

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Your little yeast buns look good. The blackberry jam would be like having dessert!

  3. The beaver dams are natural and aesthetic to the environment, even if the swallows nested in the man-made metal mess.
    Beavers on the Russian that’s what I’m talking about.
    Safe travels.

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