Yard Puttering and Testing Out My New Lined Jeans

Wednesday December 23, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Chair hopping

I didn’t have anything planned for the day so I started it out with some chair hopping out in the sun.

When I thought of some little thing that needed done I jumped up and did it.

Phone boxes

Like I remembered I needed to check the wiring in my house phone box to see what wire color went where so I could work on my neighbors phone box soon.

So I opened up my phone box.box


And checked out what color wires went where. They didn’t have the ones on the left hooked up so that was only about a half a help but better than nothing.wires



I was sitting there and it was a bit chilly out so I decided to test out my new lined jeans to see if they’d work out or not. So I put them on and set my main goal today to be just to test these things out. That should be a nice easy day eh.pants


Grape plant pruning

I did do a little work. I got the loppers out and started pruning this grape plant and of course then I  had to pick up the brush.gtapes


While I was pruning the grape plant I noticed the chickens had pulled this chicken wire away from the rest of the fence so I wired it back up.wire


Eating loquats

Towards evening I was walking round the yard and came to my loquat tree. The fruit is getting ripe and the last few days when I’ve walked by it I had to not eat any as I was fasting but now, finished fasting,  I thought hey, eat some so I did.loquats


So most of the day I just puttered around the yard enjoying the day testing out those lined pants.

Oh, those lined pants work out pretty good when it’s cold out.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Yard Puttering and Testing Out My New Lined Jeans

  1. Anonymous says:

    not loquats. pineapple guava

  2. Patsy+Irene says:

    I love my lined jeans too! :)
    I’ve never even heard of loquats!!
    Merry christmas, Bob! Hope you and the chicks have a great day.

  3. Nancy K says:

    Those chickens … they always look so regal!!
    I’ve never seen lined jeans before. Sounds like a very good idea.
    Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

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