Yard Fertilizing, Dozer Prep, Spring Pipe Burial Work and Taters

Thursday November 12, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Doing some fertilizing

We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow so I thought it was a good time to get some more fertilizer out so the rains can help soak it into the ground.

I had some trees and other stuff I wanted to do with the water can.feeder


I put some on these cherry trees even though they are going dormant for the winter so the trees will get a good start in the spring.trees


I fertilized some other trees and some garden areas too, about twenty cans full which pretty much tired me out.

Battery needs a charge

After a rest I tried to get the Toyota started but the battery was real week so I  had to put the charger on it for a bit before I could drive it up into the hills as I wanted to put some fuel in the dozer and grease it a bit.charge


The battery posts are pretty dirty and could use a good cleaning but not today as I have other stuff to do.dirty


While the battery was charging I made sure all the stuff I’d need up in the hills got into the Toyota and I did some chair hopping too just to give the battery more time to charge.

Prepping the dozer

Once I thought the battery was charged enough I drove on up into the hills to where the dozer was parked. I started by putting two containers of fuel in the dozer and spilled some and got a good deal of it on  my pants. Not bad enough to stop and go  home and change my pants but bad enough to get real dirty later as the diesel attracts dirt that sticks to the pants good.. It’s just dirt though.


I’m putting fuel in the dozer here.toyota


And I greased it a bit and used the track adjuster grease gun to tighten the tracks a bit.grease


That’s all I wanted to do to the dozer for now as I  had other stuff to do up here in the hills.

Spring pipe work

I drove on up to our main spring area and parked here.workarea


I wanted to bury this spring water pipe a bit so I dug a trail to put it on.pipe


I used the manual tools to do this work and dug a ditch to bury the pipe.tools


Here’s the dug ditch and trail that starts down the hill.trail


Buried the pipe

All covered up, just the first 50 feet of it as it’s still along ways down the hill so I’ll be working on this task during the winter off and on.buried


It was starting to get dark as I was finishing up so I headed down the hill to my house.

Yummy potatoes

I found these yummy potatoes from  my brother’s garden. He’s been harvesting them and these are rejects with little defects in them that I cut out when I use them. It looks like some golden ones and red ones and some black ones or maybe they are purple. I will put them in my fridge and use them up.taters


My chickens were a bit perturbed at me as I wasn’t home to let them out to graze today but they’ll get over it.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Yard Fertilizing, Dozer Prep, Spring Pipe Burial Work and Taters

  1. CarlGeo says:

    Bob, Really enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing your activities each day. I believe your placing water lines under roads in hills is a good idea. I am an architect and we design water systems and place them under roads, walkways, etc. and the pipe used to encase the actual line is called a sleeve.
    We specify the size and material for the sleeve and ask contractor to install sleeve and then place active line inside. Exactly what you did! Should last longer than any of us! All the BEST!

  2. Nancy K says:

    Those potatoes look good to me! Nice you are getting all your water lines covered up, but what a lot of work. The best part is the good feeling when it’s all done.

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