Yam Experiment Gone Bad and Installing the Water Valve in the Main Pipe

Tuesday April 25, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Experimenting with yams

Yesterday while I was shopping I bought a big bag of yams to experiment with. I like yams, but not in large quantities. I can eat more of the white potatoes.

Anyway, I was watching something on You Tube the other day where a lady was cooking some sliced yams in a frying pan while not using any oil  making yam chips which seemed like they might be good. But how to brown them up without any oils, that’s what I needed to figure out how to do. Oils are one of the places I can get corned so if I can not use any, I’m safe.

Things started off bad, but

Well, things didn’t work out too good as I started the heat way too high and burned them right away, but since it was an experiment, I turned the heat down a lot and continued to try to brown them up and eventually ended up with these. Black hard yam chips.

As they cooled they hardened up a lot. But the little bit I tried was pretty good if it wasn’t for the burned part, so I did learn something and will try it again and this time I will do it slower and not cook them so hard.

My delicious hard black sliced yams. :O)yam


Was planning to go for a yak

This morning once I got it going I wanted to do down to the river for a yak, but it looked like the wind was up at the river.

Canceled that and went visiting instead

I was hoping the weather guys were wrong but as I drove into Monte Rio it was fairly windy there too, so I decided to go up and visit Charlie and his new renter Joan. His new neighbor has some stuff for me to try on my puffed up red skin from the corn allergy. It was a lanolin based product made for animals called Corona and looks like it may be some good stuff if it doesn’t have any corn stuff in it. I’ll have to test it out to see if it’s corn free.

We shoot the bull for about an hour and I left. As I was driving away,.

I decided to not yak today but instead go home and install the new water valve that I bought the parts for yesterday.

Not bad working with plastic pipe

I put the pieces of the valve assembly together and then I needed to cut the main water pipe. So I turned off the water and drained the pipes so I could cut into them.valve


Here’s the water main with the piece of pipe cut out. It took some time for all the drips of water to stop from the cut pipes so I had a bit of break while I waited. You gotta get the water out of the pipes if you want the pipe glue to stick.cutpipe


Once the water stopped dripping out of the cut pipes, I glued in the new pieces.valvein


Put all the dirt back too

And then shoveled the dirt back in the ditch which looked like this. I like these plastic valve boxes as they don’t rot away like wooden ones do.dirtin


Then I turned the valves back on and flushed out the pipes a bit by opening this faucet.water


Once that was done I picked up my tools and took the rest of the day off, mostly puttering around in the yard.

That was my day.

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4 Responses to Yam Experiment Gone Bad and Installing the Water Valve in the Main Pipe

  1. Bob Noble says:

    Hi Patsy,
    That is correct I intentionally did not use any oil, partly why I’m experimenting. I haven’t been able to get all the corn out of my system for about ten years now and I need to or it might cause a more serious problem of something else. So, what I’m thinking is I need to get my diet down to very basic stuff for a period to try to rid me of it, so my body has a chance to recover. I’ve gotten hit by oils with corn even though they should not have any in there. I was using a Costco olive oil I felt was safe that turned out not to be. Sometimes the corn stuff gets into oils when they are processed, maybe using corn alcohol or something to do the process of making the oil or something else? Anyway, the only way to be safe is no oils for a period of time.
    Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how to do it without the oils as I watched a lady do it on You Tube, so I thought I’d buy a bag of yams and practice, only costs a few dollars to practice, so not bad whatever happens. :O)
    So, yes, I like bacon grease, use it in my breads sometimes. Have to watch the ingredients, no dextrose allowed. Costco’s Kirkland bacon is ok, I think. I also use the same lard in the blue box as you do and I think it’s safe. It’s actually hard to tell what is safe and what is not as there is a nine hour lag to peak itch time. :O)
    All this makes one appreciate good food they used to be able to eat. :O) I do find that good food smells is almost as good as eating it and is much lower in calories.

  2. when you turn the pressure on it will come out the Spicketmister Ed says:

    The next time you cut a plastic pipe and water is leaking out take a slice of bread make a ball out of the bread and shove it in the pipe the bread will expand and stop the water
    Which will give you enough time to glue it up it’s an old plumbers trick used on copper pipe as well when you turn the pressure on it will come out the Spicket

    • Bob Noble says:

      Hi Ed,
      I’ve heard of that bread method before and would go to that if the water didn’t stop soon. But waiting for the water to stop dripping gives one a good reason to take a break which I seem to be needing to do more as I get older.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Hi Bob. So am I to understand you didn’t use any oil to fry up the yams? Do you eat bacon? I wonder if bacon fat (which i save and am a firm believer that good fats are best for us) would work. Or even Olive or Avocado oil? I have had fried yams, but not hard as for chips so not sure what it would take to crisp them.

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