Working On the Hard Parts Of the Pipe Line Trail

Friday September 1, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Trail repairs

I rode on up to the pipeline trail I’m putting back into shape. I built it a long time ago when we installed our water tanks for our houses.trees1


Stuck saw

That was the first thing I did. I brought up my larger saw to cut that stuck saw loose, that I stuck yesterday.saws2


Then, I needed to cut this leaner on the left down as it was blocking the trail.tree3


I got it down and now needed to trim the stump back a bit to clear the trail.sawed4


This is the stump I needed to trim back a bit.stump5


That should do it. I need to build up the trail with dirt, but not today.stump7


This is the trail past the trimmed stump. It’s a real nice trail, that’s why I’m fixing it up.trail8


I checked out the root on the left of this tree to see about cutting it out as there’s not enough room for the trail on the right of the tree. But that root was larger than it looks, so I didn’t cut it.root8


I just buried it instead and will build the trail up some later over the root.fixedup9


Then I went back down the trail to move some dirt.trail10


I moved enough dirt here to make the trail easier to get by and will eventually widen it out more.trail11


Now this big stump is a problem as it’s blocking the trail too much. I think I’ll have to dig it out to fix it up, but not today, I’ve already worked my sore back enough.stump12


I tried to get most of the problem spots taken care of today, so it’ll be easier to widen it all out when I get the chance.

On the way home, I stopped at my brother’s chicken pen to gather the eggs.chickens13


I rode on home and took the rest of the day off.

Nice day.

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