Working On a Forest Trail and Free Chairs

Saturday July 2, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

I didn’t have any plans for the day, but as I sat around for a bit I decided to ride up in the hills and move a couple small redwood logs to a trail I wanted to work on so I’d have some chairs to rest on.


I knew where there were a couple small logs that I’d made for seats. They were on the trail up to where I wanted to work so I got my tools and hopped on the quad runner and headed on up that way.

Hard to believe

I had to go through this gate and to my surprise there were two free chairs on the road, that I think a neighbor put out. Just right for what I needed and they were a nice color for the woods, grey.chairs1


Up a trail

I fastened the chairs to the quad runner and rode on up this trail. The little redwood logs I was going to use are here. I rode on by and on up the hill with my chairs.log2


Work area

I parked on a ridge back here where the old game trail starts and unloaded my chairs and tools to do some trail work.quad3



I wanted to make some flat spots for the chairs so I could sit and enjoy the view from this spot. It overlooks some of our family property.view4


Old trail

The old trail goes through here. I removed the dead limbs and cleared the way.trail5


Resting spot

I mostly wanted to level the first part of the trail so I’d have a flat base for the chairs to sit on so I worked on that part first as I’d soon need a resting spot.chairs6


I sat and watched these clouds sneak across the sky.dky7


And enjoyed the view between short bursts of work on the trail.forest9


A good start

Between all the breaks I got about 50 feet of trail cleared, a good start. I didn’t want to work too hard on it as I’m still nursing a sore back but it’s been improving. I worked until the back said it’d had enough.trail10


Actually I over did it on the back and had a hard time just getting onto the quad runner when I was done working.

I rode on down to where the other redwood log seats were and used them for a bit on the way home.trail12


There’s lots of green sorrel in the area which makes this place look special.sorrel13


I continued on towards home and spent the rest of the day resting up and taking it easy.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Working On a Forest Trail and Free Chairs

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Ask, and ye shall receive.

  2. Barb in Florida says:

    Well that was a surprise finding a gift just like what you wanted/needed.
    It was almost like Christmas in July!

    Have you tried laying on the floor for your back? Don’t if you can’t get up, but works wonders for me. Relax, do some range-of-motion with your arms, all gentle and deliberate moves, pull your legs up to your chest, etc. Even 5 minutes will get me some adjustment and relief. Feel better, Bob & have a nice day.

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