Wired Panels, Whacked a Bush and Finished the Main Chicken Run Enclosure

Monday May 21, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Getting around the apple tree

I needed to attach wire to the five panels I welded up yesterday to get around the apple tree I’m trying to avoid.

I’ve got the wire cut in this picture and now I need to attach it to the rebar panels after a break.panels


Another stump to whack

The apple tree is on the right and the extension around it is in the center. But now I see that bush on the left has got to come out. It’s a crape myrtle or something like that. It doesn’t bare anything to eat so it goes. extention


I watered the ground around the bush to soften it up before I started. As I dug around the dump I noted that it had many roots and a bunch of them right under the bush, so it wouldn’t budge so I got out the whacker, the mall and broke it into pieces which took care of the problem.plant


The bush is out

The stump is out and I just need to clean up the pieces and fill the hole back in.nostump


Put up the panels I  had

Once that was done, I put up the last panel that starts the next enclosure I have to build, but I need to get some more rebar first.



Little chicken door

Here’s the view looking out with the apple tree on the left. I decided to not put a big door in the  extension end  but put a little chicken door there so they’ll be able to get into the other enclosure when I want them to.pen


Still lots to do

I really went through the rebar and I’m almost out of it and I need some more wire and clips too so I’ll have to go shopping soon. The panels I put up today finish off the main chicken run so I need to work on finishing up the things the pen needs to operate with chickens, like some drinking water and roosts.

That was my day.

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2 Responses to Wired Panels, Whacked a Bush and Finished the Main Chicken Run Enclosure

  1. Bob Noble says:

    I could, but his chickens are mostly egg layer type, but most of all, most chickens are fed corn and I want to have eggs and chickens that are not fed corn, just in case it effects me.
    The idea is to raise eggs and chickens to eat and mostly support them with stuff from my yard and garden which also supports my corn free eating from the garden vegetables.
    With the garden and chickens I want to get off the industrial food chains and really for sure get away from any corn, at least to test out how I’m affected to see what the difference is. In other words, I’d like to try being for sure corn free for a bit to see what happens to my body which right now itches quite a bit from not being able to get away from all corn stuff. Like for instance when they butcher chickens, FDA requires an acidic acid dip at the end so no way for me to have any type of chicken stuff that is corn free. The acid is grown on corn so there is corn in it. Animal carcasses must be washed down with the stuff, so most animal stuff is contaminated with corn derivatives.
    That’s why.

  2. Mister ed says:

    With all the time and effort and work you’re putting in that chicken Penthouse wouldn’t it be easier to raid your brothers free range chicken coop.,,,, Isn’t that why they call it free

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