Windy So Paddled Around Penny Island

Sunday December 4, 2016 Jenner CA.

Sunny but windy

I put my boat in the water today around two PM. The sun was out and the wind was up as I paddled across to Penny Island. There was also a haze in the air from water vapor that is reflected in today’s pictures.river


With the wind blowing around fifteen miles and hour or so, I headed on up to the upper end of Penny Island where there is this little channel that is protected from the wind. I pulled in


This was as good a place as any so I sat in this spot for quite a spell while the wind blow out there on the water. I could also hear the ocean waves beating on the shoreline making a lot of


A paddle around the island would be nice

Well, eventually I decided I should go someplace so I decided to paddle around Penny Island, so off I went going past this little bird that I’ve been seeing the last couple of days. It’s feeding in the weeds in the water.bird


I headed on down along the island staying close to shore to stay mostly out of the wind as much as possible.wind


Waves were pounding the shore

I went past these mallard ducks which were feeding in the shallows. See that white puff in the middle. That’s an ocean wave breaking and making a lot of noise.mallards


I continued on down to the lower end of the island and sat and watched and listened to the ocean.waves


Up the island back channel

I rounded the bottom end of the island and started up the back channel when I saw these guys feeding in the shallows.geese


They turned out to be some geese, Brant geese I think is what Dennis told me.brents


I continued up the island back channel looking like this.chan


Back out of the wind

And made it to the upper end where the little channel is out of the wind.island


I entered the little channel out of the wind and hung out for awhile.chann


While I was sitting there in my boat these two island deer came down to feed on the grasses.deer


Just an ok sunset

The wind slowed a bit as the sun set and I paddled across to the boat ramp.sunset


I loaded the boat on the car and drove on home for the day. It was getting dark as I drove into the yard, so that was my day.

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