Windy at Jenner So I Worked On the Van’s Leaky Roof

Thursday September 21, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Too windy for a nice yak

Seemed like a good day to go down to Jenner to kayak for the day. The only problem with that is the weather guys said it’d be a bit windy today.

I decided to drive on down to Jenner to check out the conditions and decide once I saw how the wind was doing.

River’s mouth overlook

I arrived at the river’s mouth overlook around eleven AM which looked like this from the overlook.overlook3


Back to Monte Rio

It was a bit windy, I could go yakking, but did I want to in the wind, maybe I’ll just drive back to Monte Rio to yak for the day.

River’s mouth is closed

This is looking across the river into the Pacific ocean. The river’s mouth has been open just to the right of that rock in the middle but the ocean moved sand up to dam the river up, so the mouth is considered closed.ocean1


Just south of that spot this is what the beach looked like. The jetty where the river’s mouth usually goes out this time of year is about in the middle of this picture and you can see the sand bar is closed there too.ocean2


When the mouth closes, most of the harbor seals leave the river and stay on the ocean side. These harbor seals were on the river side.seals


Headed back to Monte Rio

I decided to head on back to Monte Rio and check it out for kayaking. When I arrived in Monte Rio, I felt more like a nap than a yak, so I went on home for that nap.

Some shopping in Guerneville

Once I was rested up a bit, I headed back to Guerneville to do some shopping for food as my cupboards are getting bare.

Came home and put that stuff away and had another nap.

Van’s leaky roof repair

A bit later I went back outside to do some more work on the van’s leaky roof which I’d been working on.

The fix needed one more coat of epoxy to fully seal up the rusted out cracks.

So I mixed up a big batch of a two part epoxy.epoxy


I put a coat of epoxy on the roof rack mount to stop the part that sits in the gutter from rusting.rack


A coat to the gutter

Then I put another coat of epoxy in the gutter which beefed that repair up substansually.epoxygutter


I spent some time smoothing out the epoxy I put in the gutter and cleaned up the tools.

Once the epoxy cures, I can put things back together.

That was pretty much my day for a good one.

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2 Responses to Windy at Jenner So I Worked On the Van’s Leaky Roof

  1. IRMA HERAS says:

    We used to live in Novato , Benicia and Vallejo when we were in the Navy. When the kids were little we used to grab a loaf of bread , peanut butter jar and some fruit and would take of towards Jenner . I remember the first time we followed the Russian River and we ended up at the mouth of the Russian River and saw the seals sunning themselves on the beach . Goat ROCK was our favorite spot for picnics and looking for driftwood . Now my kids have families of their own and that is still their favorite places to go . I enjoy seeing your post and pictures because it reminds me of good times there . My daughter lives in SANTA ROSA and by a miracle her house survived the fires even though her neighborhood was completely destroyed .

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Too bad you didn’t get out yakking, I can’t see the wind in pictures and it looks gorgeous!
    At least your roof is almost done! yay!

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