Willow Creek Paddle and a Sea Lion On Dead Sea Lion Rock

Saturday September 1, 2018 Jenner CA.

Steve and I go for a paddle

Steve was down from Oregon and wanted to go kayaking down at Jenner today. Even though it was a weekend and a holiday I decided to go.

He showed up at my house around noon and we shot the bull a bit and messed around for a couple of hours and then headed on down to Jenner hoping most of the people would be off the water by now.

We  put our boats in the water and paddled across the river to Penny Island and decided to paddle on up the river as he tide was coming in and there was bit of wind blowing up that way.


As we approached the Eagle’s Landing area we could see a seal or something up on the rocks ahead.lion1


Dead Sea Lion Rock

I paddled on over to have a look. It was a young sea lion resting on dead sea lion rock. Sea lions found on this rock unusually don’t make it. They may be sick or wounded, or starving. This one didn’t look like it was starving. I’ve seen several sea lions die on this rock over the years.taggedsealion2


It had a tag on the right fin and a small gash there that I could see.tag3


We left it and continued on up along the edge of the river going past these merganser ducks and a seagull fishing away.birds4


We went under the bridge at highway 1 and continued up river headed to Willow Creek.bridge5


There was a bunch of honking from up above as these geese flew on by.geese6


We paddled into Willow Creek

We paddled on into the Willow Creek area and sat around for a bit before going back out in the river and starting back down.williow7


Checking out the sea lion

As we approached the sea lion we decided to check it out a bit. A couple of harbor seals were by it checking it out.seal8


A cute little thing, but really quite viscous if you are a fish.pup9


It did some posing for us.pup10


Steve got around the back side of it and could see three gashes on it’s right side so it looks like it has a bad wound so maybe it will heal up.steve11


We left and soon ran into this harbor seal resting on this log. It watched us as we paddled by.seal12


It was after 5 as we headed in for the day.sun


We went on home and that was pretty  much my day for a nice one.

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