Weeds, A Bike Ride, A Walk, A Hike, And a Big Old Redwood Stump

Sunday May 7, 2023 Guerneville CA.


With all the rain we had this winter, the weeds are growing fast. Faster than my chickens can eat them.weeds1


I got out the weed mower to think about cutting the weeds, but not today.mower2


Visiting neighbors

I’d planned to ride up the hill to visit one of my neighbors I  hadn’t talked to in awhile, so I got out the dirt bike and got ready to go.bike3


I was riding up this road.road3



When I spotted this fox. You rarely see one in the day time. It stood there for quite some time while I took pics, then it jumped over the side of the road and disappeared.fox4


I continued on up to the neighbors who live way up on the hill tops.view7


They were  having a birthday party when I arrived and the people I wanted to visit weren’t there. I stayed a short time then took off for a ride around the forest.


I rode around for awhile then stopped here and took a walk out this trail to check it out and see what I needed to do next on it to improve it.trail9


I was sitting down resting when I saw this centipede going slowly under my feet. It was about two inches long and didn’t attack. :O)ceniped10


I continued on out the trail and then turned and headed back.trail11


Off the trail

Before I got back to the bike, I jumped off the trail  here and did some hiking through the forest. This always gets me plenty of exercise.hike13


While hiking through the woods, I stopped here for a break and a rest as going off the trail through the woods is hard work.sitting12


Some work

From there, I  headed back to the dirt bike and rode down this trail where I stopped to do some work. I hauled 37 more rocks to this water crossing dam.rock14


Big old stump

After another good break up there on the trail , I rode on down to the bottom where I found my brother working making a place for his firewood he’s cutting. Note the big redwood stump between him and the garage. That big tree was cut down sometime before 1900. I can tell by the square holes cut in the stump.tom15


They cut the square holes to put planks in them to stand on to cut the tree down with big hand saws.stump16


My brother said he’d give me some fresh ocean caught fish a bit later.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like a good day. The fox is wondering what you’re doing in his area.
    Interesting color for a centipede.

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