Watering, Puttering, Hot Tub Faucet, Nesting Chickens and Loquats

Tuesday June 4, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Nice sunny day

The sun was out bright today so I’d need to do a bit of watering.sunout


Greening things up

I set the water in this grow pen. But I noticed the grasses were a bit yellow so I sprayed some miracle grow on them first.watering


Putting a hot water faucet together

Next I needed to get a better faucet for the hot water for the bath tub I soak in on the back porch so I made up this with parts I had on hand. I had to solder the copper pipes together, put some pipe goop on and tighten it up and that was that.pipes


Here’s the hot water faucet mounted on the rail just over the tub. I was going to buy parts that go with the tub but this is really all I need and saved a bunch of bucks. I use the hot water straight out of the hot water tank with no cold to soak in for my itches. The hot water tank is set fairly low so it all works out for about an hour’s soak.water


Peeps are doing well

The little peeps spent a lot of time in the grow pen eating and just messing around.peeps


Watering a grow pen for the peeps

But I needed to fertilize and water the grow pen. At first they skedaddled when I turned the sprinkler on but soon some came back for brief periods, not seeming to mind the water too much.growpen


Sit on those eggs, or else

Last night, after dark,  I added another hen that wanted to nest, in the brown cardboard box. She didn’t like the move at all and tore up the nest and even broke an egg. But after I fixed it all up again there was nothing for her to do but get in the box and sit on those eggs.

4 hens in the nesting area sitting on eggs. I also opened the nursery door to let the nesting hens out in the bigger pen which they like real well.nests


Dirt baths for all

All four hens came out and took a nice dirt bath.hensout


Even some peeps

Once the hens went back to their nest boxes the little peeps took a dirt bath in the same spot as the hens or at least two of them did.dusty


Loquats almost time to eat

I noticed my loquat tree is getting some ripe fruit.quats


I picked the one on the right to try them out but a bit sour and need a bit more time. Not really too bad though.loquats


Take a bite to find out

Wait too long to eat fruit off a tree and the critters will get it and you won’t so I learned to eat fruit in all it’s stages as a young kid growing up around here. Some fruit is good before it gets ripe and some fruit is not. The only way to find out is to try it out.

That was my day for a nice one mostly taking it easy.

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2 Responses to Watering, Puttering, Hot Tub Faucet, Nesting Chickens and Loquats

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You have quite the bath tub system there for hot water. :) Interesting to say the least! 4 hens nesting, that is good, you’ll soon have many many peeps.
    Never heard of a Loquat. I’ll have to Google it.

  2. George Yates says:

    Getting things taken care of with some nice outside weather.

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