Washing Machine Fixed and Game Cam Pictures

Thursday August 17, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Wash day

I needed to get some socks washed up, but I hadn’t put the washing machine back together yet.

I got it back together in about fifteen minutes and got it loaded up with socks. No more leaks, so far.washer


Hardware store

The other thing I wanted to do today was go to the local hardware store and get a couple more hose shut off valves for a repair job I’m doing in our rental unit. They had every kind of them, but the one I wanted so I had to make do with another type.

Game cam cards

After that I set some sprinklers in the yard and then took a ride up into the hills to collect the cam cards on the game cams.

I stopped here to pick up one of the game cards.cam


Brush mowing

Tom and Barry went up into the hills yesterday to  mow some of the brush that was taking over some of the roads.

Here’s Tom going up the hill with his big mower, taken by one of the game cams.mower


Barry is following with his hedge trimmer and it looks like a spray can of water for fire protection, just in case.barry


Much better

I checked out some of the roads they cleared with the big mower. This one had been over grown with brush.mow


They got this one good. It was so thick we could barely get through it with our dirt bikes.brushed


One of the game cams got this jack rabbit on it.jack


Nice day.

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One Response to Washing Machine Fixed and Game Cam Pictures

  1. Barb says:

    I’m enjoying your game cam pictures.
    Fun to see the human critters on machines going by.
    Have a nice day, Bob!

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