Waiting Out the Forest Fire and Working On a New Wire Chicken Run Idea

Tuesday October 29, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Today I could just take it easy as I had most of my fire prevention work done and the fire threat is a bit less but still real so I just need to be cautious.

Checking things out

I took care of the chickens and visited a bit with some neighbors to see how they were doing.

Short drive

I decided to drive down to the town of Guerneville where I did some visiting then back home to chair hop and putter around in the yard.

New chicken run idea

I was working on this chicken run thing which is made up of sections that can be moved around. It’s sorta a test thing to see how it works out but it has a purpose. It connects the chickens mulch pen on the left with the big mulch area on the right without them going through my blueberry patch. I can move it around on that grass so they can feed on it. The grass grows from the watering of the blueberries and is some type of crab grass that tends to take over. We’ll see how it does with the chickens working on it.project


I  made most of the sections 10 feet so they can be handled and moved around if need be. If they work out I may put them down the walk ways in some of my vegetable gardens so they can eat the weeds and not my stuff.

Not perfect

One got out as the wire was up on one side a bit. And some of them can squeeze through the 2×4 wire holes until they get bigger.run


Feeding away


Here it is from the other side where it goes through the fence into the big mulch area. The chickens are feeding away in the run which was part of the plan.run2


Later in the day I let all the chickens out into the yard so they can go where ever they wanted. Here they are as I first opened the gate, some of them but not all of them.girls


Generators going

My brother just got the generator started so he can heat some water and watch some news and get the freezers and fridges charged up, so it gives me a little time to write and post this blog if I’m fast enough and the generator doesn’t burp or die.

Fire danger


The fire is still dangerous because of strong winds but I think it likely wont’ come this way. The power company shut all the power down again last night as the winds were suppose to pick up again which they did but not nearly as strong as the other day when it really blew.

Fire smoke

There was a light smoke haze in  the air today that I noticed when I got up but it didn’t get very thick like it can which is a good thing

Enjoying the day

Every time I think about working on one of my projects I realize there’s no power to do the job so that means it’s a good time to do more chair hopping and just enjoy the day.

So, nice day. :O)

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One Response to Waiting Out the Forest Fire and Working On a New Wire Chicken Run Idea

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    thinking of you and your family out there with the fires, hope it continues to stay at bay and soon abate altogether.
    Good idea about the new chicken runs, nice when a plan comes together.
    Stay safe.

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