Visiting With My Cousin On the Hill Top and a Nice Ride Around the Forest Doing Some Light Trail Work

Thursday October 27, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Headed up into the hills

Rode up into the hills to visit my cousin.  I stopped here at the Guerneville overlook on the way to her place.bike1


That’s the town of Guerneville down in the trees and it’s about two miles from my house.guerneville2



From there I rode on over to my cousin’s place. We sat down on her poach and had a nice visit for a couple of hours.

From there I rode around the hills stopping here and there to throw rocks and sticks off the road.

I stopped here to throw that dead tree off the road.tree3


It was a nice day to ride around and I rode out this trail.trail4


And on up this trail.raod5


Walked around

To this ridge top on my cousin’s place. I walked around the ridge top in this spot. It’s too dry right now for wild mushrooms, but it looked like a good spot for them.ridge6


I stopped on this part of the trail to clean rocks and sticks off the trail so it’s easier to get by now.trail7


On the way home I went by our water tanks and checked the ribbon water gauge. The tanks were full of water, just right.tanks8


Back home I puttered around the yard moving some mulch to my mulberry tree and I did some chair hopping around the yard.


I’d planned to renew the rat bait that doesn’t work but I didn’t get to it. Once they are eating the bait again, I plan to spike the bait with some store bought stuff to see if that does them in. They ate all the bait while I was away on my trip and I don’t think it killed any of them. Time to get started on that again as I hear them up in my house’s attic.

Nice day.

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  1. Douglas D Hinman says:

    Have you ever thought about getting those mouse/rat traps that is a lid you put on a bucket then bait it with peanut better, they fall thru into the bucket of water and drown? They are about $13 on Amazon I think. called mouse trap bucket. I use them in Oregon and have caught rats and mice in them.

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