Visiting My Hilltop Neighbors and Working On Tapping His Spring For Water

Sunday October 30, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Visiting hilltop neighbors

Nobody was home yesterday when I tried to visit these guys. Turns out they were in Hawaii for a wedding and just returned last night.

So, today I caught them all home. I rode the dirt bike up to their place on this road. Notice all the leaves on the ground. Fall time.road1


And I continued on up this road to their place.road2


And on up this road.raod3


Not as much haze in the sky today.view4


They live just down below this spot, I’m riding down their driveway and you can see part of their house there.house5


I shot the bull with Rob’s wife and than him and his kids.

Spring tapping

One of the reasons I rode up today was I’ve been helping Rob tap a fresh water spring as that’s one of the things I’m an expert on.

My spring tapping video

I made this video and put it up on YouTube quite some time ago. It has about 90,000 views on it, so I think I’ve helped a lot of people out with this. I use my own method which is mostly different than how other people do it. I use the new and improved easy method.

This is that video.

Rob’s spring

We needed some blue clay to do the project so Rob is looking for some in the big ferns as water seeping over the ground for years is what makes blue clay. Rob has his shovel and is looking for some as this is under the spring we are tapping.rob8


He found some blue clay and is filling his bucket up to haul it the short distance to the spring tap area, just above him.rob6


Rob is playing in the clay, well, actually, he is forming the blue clay to make a basin to catch the spring water.spring7


We got more of that done than I expected. He just needs a stainless steel screen and we can finish it up.

Heading for home

After that we sat around for awhile shooting the bull then I hopped on the dirt bike and started home on this road.road9


I took this road. There’s more than one way to get back home.road10


I turned off that road and onto this trail through the redwood trees.trail11


Once home I let the chickens out to feed and did some puttering around the yard until the day started to cool down when I went in for the day.

Nice day.

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