Van Work, Face Mask and a Chicken Incubator

Tuesday April 21, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Van work

Today I started out finishing getting the radiator out of the van. I’d removed most of the stuff that had to come out first yesterday and it looked like this ready to come out once I removed the last four bolts which I did.engine


I decided to take the radiator out the bottom as it was easier than lifting it out the top.van


Here’s the radiator out and ready to be put aside so I can do some work in the van’s engine compartment.rad


A bit more room in the engine compartment with the radiator removed.



Grinding the differential

As long as the radiator was out I needed to grind down a rough spot on the differential that sometimes hits my lower radiator hose which isn’t such a good idea.

The differential with the rough top.diff


The whole top of the differential is rough and sharp from when they cast the unit.diff2


The black is from the radiator hose hitting it and is the part I plan to grind off and smooth out.blackspots


Side view, I plan to grind all this sharp stuff off, that rusty part.diff3


Smoothed off

So I got the little disc grinder out and did some grinding until it was smoothed off, like this.sanded


Good to go

After that I did some studying of what I will have to do to put the new parts in that I will order as things have to fit. I plan to move the radiator back towards the fan so will have to make a bracket to do it.

Face mask pickup

Around 4 I called Cheryl S. to see if she had time to sew up a face mask for me and she said she did and come on down and get it.

I hopped in my car and drove on down to Guerneville and picked up my mask and shot the bull with John and Cheryl for a bit then returned home.

Chicken incubator arrives

It was almost dark when I heard my brother Tom who lives next door shout that he’d picked up a chicken incubator from a friend for me so I went over to get it.

It’s an older unit that does 24 eggs I think and came with a little instruction book which I’ll have to study up on.incubator


Another nice day puttering around the yard in isolation, locked down.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    There are extremes to the lockdown requests. We are using our own judgement for how far we go with it yet still being safe. We are lucky, as you are, to have freedom on our own properties. :)
    Nice little incubator!

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