Van Wheel Measurement, New Rodent Bait and a Nice Hike In the Forest

Monday October 30, 2922 Guerneville CA.

Measuring the tire wheel

I discovered I had a bent rim on my last trip. It was the spare tire wheel and it was bent before I started on the trip. When I put the spare on after the flat tire, I discovered it was wobbling more than it should so I need to get a new one. But first I need to measure it to be sure I get the right one. I got the parts book out to check to see what axle I used to help figure this all out. I used 1978 half ton Chevy K10 axles so wheels for that truck should fit. I’m getting the wheel measurements just to be sure I get the right one.tire1


Rodent bait

The next thing I did was borrow some rodent bait from my bother Tom as he had some on hand. It’s called Tomcat and is in little green cubes. I wired some of the cubes together so they can’t carry them off.bait2


Then I put it under this half bucket that the rodents have been going into to hide.bait3


Then I got a hammer and broke up a couple of them and added the smashed bait to the useless bait that they’ve been eating for the last month or so and that was done.

Yard work

After that I did some yard work. I hauled some more mulch to a couple of places and cut some more wild black berry vines out of the yard just to slow them down a bit.

I did some chair hopping after that and decided to go for a hike up into the hills to check out another old trail to see where it went.

Hike in the forest

I hopped on the dirt bike and rode it up to the spot and parked it and went for a hike, stopping to rest under these big trees. I sat down for a bit just enjoying the quiet forest.trees4


The old trail went though these big trees.forest5


And through here.forest6


And down through these trees. I put some red ribbons up to help find the old trail later when I want to work on making it better.flag7


That was a good hike and I was happy to see the dirt bike when I was done. I went for a dirt bike ride around the property before heading on home for the day.bike8


I went down through this trail and headed for home.trail9


Of course I needed a nice nap after that.

Later in the day I did some chair hopping with the chickens and noticed these flowers are blooming nicely. I think they are called Red Hot Pokers.redhots10


The rats and mice are eating the new bait so we’ll see if it works.

Nice day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you are right red hot poker

  2. don striepeke says:

    indian paint brush, perhaps?

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