Van Tire Rotation Day and I Putter

Friday June 5, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Rotate those tires

I didn’t seem to have much energy today once I got it going. The one thing I wanted to do was rotate the van’s tires so I got out the tools and took them all off.van


Painting rims

As long as the tires were off I decided it would be a good time to put some  new paint on the rims before putting them back on so that’s what I did after I washed all the dirt off them and they dried enough for painting.paint


Once all the paint was dry I put the tires back on the van and that’s done.

Watching chickens

I did a lot of chair hopping and watching my chickens as they grazed in the yard.chickens


I also keep an eye on the little guys to make sure they don’t get themselves in any trouble. Here’s a couple of the little guys.chicks


Moving the chicks

Towards evening as the day cools down the little guys cuddle up, but in the wrong box. So I  have to pick each one up by hand and put them in the box they are supposed to be in. Once I pick them up they seem to like the warmth of  my hand and don’t try to jump out as I move them into the right box.

This is the wrong box that I move them from as it gets covered up to keep the rodents out of the food in there.peeps


Nice day puttering around in the yard and getting the tired rotated.

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