Van Oil Leaks, Quad Battery and Forest Work

Monday April 17, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Engine oil leaks

The first project today was to have a look at my van’s engine to see where some oil leaks were coming from. The largest one seemed to be coming from my oil check dip  stick tube which was down in here at a hard to get at place. I got it out and tried to put my smallest O ring on it, but it just wouldn’t fit.engine1


I finally determined the oil tube was the wrong one for this engine and so I went online and found what I think is the right one and ordered it up.

Quad battery maintenance

Next was the Quad runner battery which seemed to be a bit on the weak side lately. It was a bit low on water and the hookup bolts needed to be cleaned up as they were a bit corroded.battery2


I put it all back together and gave it a try and it worked much better.

Forest work

Now that the battery was fixed up, I got my tools and rode on up into the forest and on down this road.road3


I’d brought up the chainsaw to cut up  this small log. That didn’t take long and I  had the road cleared.log4


The road is cleared so I moved on down the road to where I was working on a trail repair, the other day.crossing5


Trail repair

I parked here and took my tools up the trail in the back a short distance and worked on repairing  a slide in the trail.quad6


I was working near the waterfall and could  hear and see it from where I was working.fall7



Once I was done with that repair, I sat here for a break before moving to the next spot, just down the trail a little ways.break8


Leaning tree

I’ve been concerned with this tree as it’s barely still hooked up where it broke last winter and I had enough gas left in the saw to cut it down so I did.tree9


Creek crossing

Then I moved a few more rocks into this creek crossing and had a nice break on the log there.rocks10


That was all I had planned for forest work so I headed on home where I chair hopped the rest of the day.

Only one rooster

Without the extra roosters, the chickens are much quieter and have settled down nicely without them.chickesn


Nice day.

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