Van Oil Change, Kitty Cat and Cutting Up the Bulk Head

Monday September 9, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Taking it easy sorta

I’m still sore from yesterdays work up in the hills on the new spring so I thought I’d hang around the yard today and not work so hard.

The old van needed it’s oil changed so first thing I got the stuff out to do that.oilstuff


I took my time doing the oil change and sat around the yard a bit.

Kitty Cat

My neighbors cat came by. It’s staying with me for a couple days or at least she’s eating at my place. She pretty much comes and goes as she pleases, a good life for a cat.kitty


Removing the bulkhead

Another project that needs done before the winter is to remove this old bulkhead so I got the tools I thought I’d need out to start cutting the metal pieces so I can remove


I started out with this power band


And added the saws all

I was able to cut some metal but I was having a hard time with the blade binding up so I got out the saws all too.tools2


I think if I cut a few pieces each day I’ll get it done. It’s a bit of a pain but it’s getting done.

I took breaks between cuts and after a bit quit to take it easy.

Mowed some weeds

I did get the weed mower out and cut some grass around the yard and put the clippings in the chicken’s mulch pen for them to eat.

That’s it for a nice day and got some stuff done too.

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  1. George Yates says:

    The oil change on the van a priority then you be good to go on a few more journey’s That bulkhead sounds like an on going project for you.

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