Van Engine Dies, I Fix and Go Shopping For Rebar

Monday May 7, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Things can change quickly

I started out the day to get the van ready to  haul some rebar from the shopping area. It started right up and I drove out of the carport fifty feet and the engine died and it wouldn’t start. Of course that meant I  had to figure out what the trouble was now. The day can change so fast.

Fix it

I got my volt meter out and found the manual on the injection unit. I first checked all the fuses to make sure everything was powered up and it was. I could hear the fuel pump run when I turned the key on so I knew that was working. Next I took the air cleaner off and turned the key on to see if any gas was coming out of the injectors. It did a little but then stopped so now I knew I wasn’t getting any gas.

I looked under the van and there were no gas leaks, so I got under the van and had a look at the electric fuel pump in this area. That’s it up there all dirty.vanpump


That’s it

I grabbed the fuel line on the pump and tested the lines for tightness. When I checked the fuel line on top of the fuel filter, I saw it turn a bit.

Ha ha, the clamp is loose letting air into the line.

The loose hose clamp that let air into the fuel line.clamp


I tightened up the clamp and tried the engine again, but no go. I checked all the other clamps on the fuel line and tried the key again and I heard gas coming into the injection unit and shortly it sprayed out the jets and the engine started. I think I just didn’t wait long enough after tightening up the first clamp for gas to fill up the fuel lines.

Might as well go shopping

Well now that that was working I got things ready to go get some more rebar.

I passed by the neighbors cat on the way


I picked up some rebar and some lumber and some paint at the hardware store.vanshop


When I got home I unloaded the rebar.unload


After that I sat around a bit before it got dark.

Chicken enclosure

I put these two panels up last night as it got dark so here’s a picture of the chicken run enclosure I’m now constructing. I bought some green paint for the shed.chickrun


That was my day and now I have more materials so I can keep working away on my projects.

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3 Responses to Van Engine Dies, I Fix and Go Shopping For Rebar

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    So, What did the kittie want you to pick up at the store?

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    You are indeed a handy man, glad you figured out the problem easily enough and were on your way again.
    Chicken run looks great and so will the shed when it is painted.
    Keep up the good work!

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