Van Cooling Upgrade Work and the Tanks Water Level Looks Good

Saturday May 9, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Working on stuff

As I got it going today I felt more like working on stuff then I did yesterday so I got right on it.

Radiator hoses

I needed to get the radiator hoses on the van’s radiator which meant I needed to crawl under the van.hoses


I wasn’t sure about the length of this one but after much fussing I think it will work ok.radhose


Heater hoses

Next was to get these heater hoses connected to the engine. I’m replacing the old hoses with new ones.heaterhose


Heater valve

I also installed a heater water shut off valve in one of the heater hoses so the heater can be shut down in the summer. It’s hard to see in the top back but it’s there. Everything is all hooked up.hose


I got the heater hoses hooked up to the heater but wasn’t happy with them as they sagged too much and I was afraid they might wear on something sharp.hoses2


So I redid them and took most of the sag out and I think they are much better now.hoses3


Fixed the car’s brake light problem

After a break I got on the car’s project and checked things to see what wires I needed to jump from the right side brake light that works to the one on the left side that doesn’t work. I tested things out and now it’s good to go.carfix


Checking the tanks

I was wondering how the water level in our water tanks was doing so I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up there to see.

The pink looking gauge shows the tanks gained three feet of water since yesterday which is good and means I can water the yard some more. When the pink thing hits the ground they are full so this gauge shows the tanks to have about ten feet of water in them and  they are 16 feet tall.tanks


Dirt bike ride

As long as I was on the dirt bike I rode around a loop through here.road


And here before heading towards home.trail



Of course I stopped for a few more strawberries and then I went on home for some chair hopping and taking it easy for the rest of of the day.

I did remember to check the blueberry patch and there were a few more ripe blueberries that disappeared rather fast. Just enough for a taste right now.blueberries


Some of my little chicks are wondering around the yard it seems, further each day.peep


I pulled some weeds in the raspberry patch and fed them to the chickens.chickens


I did a bit of watering the weeds for the chickens and that was pretty much it for me today for another nice one.

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