Using the Dirt Bike to Do Some Spring Work

Saturday November 23, 2019 Guerneville Ca.

Dirt bike ride

My brother’s dirt bike battery needed a charge so I got it out for a ride up into the hills. I wanted to check out some springs and do some exploring for a little walk.

I got the bike out and then hunted up a couple tools I’d


Spring water lines

I rode up into the hills and stopped here and walked down this trail as I wanted to remove one of the spring’s water lines from the main line before it rains as that is a new line and will likely get some dirt in it when it rains.trail


There’s the tee in the line and I want to remove one of them and take the tee out for now.tee


Here’s the tee before I removed it.tee2


Removing the line dip

Once I removed the tee the water line now takes a dip which is not good so I had to reroute it.

You can see the dip before I fixed it. Dips trap air bubbles and then the water may not flow.pipe


That was easy.

Hike up the ravine

Now I wanted to walk up the ravine behind the bike to see if I could locate any more springs.walk


It’s a fairly hard go getting up this ravine as there’s a bunch of stuff in it.walk2



I made it up to this big redwood log and couldn’t get past it’s stump.trees


So I went back down and walked around the place I got stopped going through here which is going over the top of that spot.walk3


I located some more water but not much. This is as far as I went before turning back.walk4


Dead deer

On the way done this caught my eye. A dead deer, mostly gone.deer


Not sweet water

I got back on the dirt bike and rode on up the hill to this area where there’s more springs. I wanted to check the quality of the water in this one. Not good, it has a not so good taste instead of being sweet.spring


Winter apples

After that I was plum tuckered out so I headed on down the hill stopping at my brother’s garden to look for some winter apples. I found some apples and ate one and took some others for later.

This is all garlic.garlic


I took my apples and went on home. Nap time.

That little hike/walk tired me out and took most of the day so that was it for me today, except for some weed watering and chair hopping.

Nice day, I got some exercise.

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