Two Welding Jobs, a Dirt Bike Visit and More Old Well Work

Friday May 14, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Junk man repairs

My brother Tom  had the junk man coming today to pick up old steel stuff and I could get rid of my old water heater.

So he pulls up and Tom says can you weld up his tailgate hinge . Sure, so I get the tools out to do the job.junkman1


I welded up the broken hinge for the guy, no charge.hinge2


Longer digger head

Then I made a longer digger head for the sediment removal for the old well I’ve been working on and tried it out. It worked better and didn’t stop up as much. I worked on the well on and off all day until it got dark. and made the well a couple more inches deep.dighead3


When I was welding up the junk truck my brother’s helper brought over his broken exhaust system for his truck and wanted it welded up so I set up to do that.mufler4


All welded up and ready to be put back on his truck, no charge.weldedup5


Dirt bike ride

About the time I was finishing up the exhaust thing my brother Barry gets his dirt bike out and is going for a ride so I joined him.

We rode on up to our  main spring and tested the water volume and had a drink.spring6


A visit with the ladies

Then we rode over to our neighbor Laura’s for a visit. We found Laura with 4 other ladies out by their picnic table having a nice lunch having a ladies bull session. We joined them for a bit and shot the bull with them too until Barry says lets get on the road and let the ladies get back to their thing so we left them at it. We had nice visit with them.

Here we are going through the get to get on our neighbors place.gate7


This was the view on the way over to the neighbors place looking south west.view8


Top of the World

When we left the neighbors place we went for a dirt bike ride and ended up here at the place called Top of the World. We sat down for a break and to enjoy the view.top9


This is the view of the Top of the World looking mostly south. We are on the highest peak in this area.view10


Raiding the strawberry patch

From there we headed on down the hill and stopped at our brother Tom’s garden to eat some of his strawberries as he has a lot of them so we pigged out.barry11


Once back at my house Tom joined us and we shot the bull for a bit then Barry left for home and I worked on the old well some more on and off throughout the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    A nice day; getting rid of some junk, helping a neighbour friend out, a joy ride, visit with the ladies, beautiful view and strawberries to munch on.

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