Trying to Get My Cell Phone Activated and Fixing Stuff

Tuesday August 1, 2023 Guerneville CA.


I fed my chickens and then went over to my brother’s chickens and fed them and gathered the eggs.

Some of my brother’s hens getting fed.chickens


Golf cart brakes

I noticed my brother’s golf cart brakes weren’t too good when I went over to feed his chickens. The most important things on anything that moves are the brakes. Good thing I didn’t take it up in the hills as the brakes barely worked.

I first watched a YouTube on adjusting this rig. So I jacked it up and took the tires off and and had a go at it. Now they work real good. I also adjusted the toe on the front wheels as I found it out about 3 eights of an inch which is a lot. Now it steers better.brakes


Trying to activate my new phone

That didn’t go well at all. I started trying to do it at my house, but the cell signal isn’t good at my place so got dropped while trying to do it a couple of times.

I figured I’d ride up the hill and try it, so I did, but that didn’t go so well either.

Every time I tried, the guy would say I needed something else so I’d have to ride home and get it and we’d try again. Then he said I had the sim in the wrong slot, so I went home and found it in both slots in settings, so removed it and got it in slot one and rode back up the hill.

This time, I dialed 611 for their support, which I found they had added into my contacts. I should of done that first, as I go a person that spoke better English and was much more knowledgeable and he found the problem right away which was some kind of problem with my account which would take up to two days for the support guys to get to and that’s where I’m at now. I think I rode back up into the hills about six times during this process.

Van won’t start

I wanted to move my van over by some water so I could wash the mud off the tire rims, but when I tried to start it, it cranked but wouldn’t start. It’s either no gas or no spark.

I took the air cleaner off and turned the key and watched for gas from the injectors. There was none, but I could hear the gas pump working when I turned the key on.

So, I got my can of starting fluid and sprayed some into the injector area and turned the key and it started and the injectors started to spay gas and all was good. I think I better carry a can of starter fluid in the van.  I don’t know what the problem was but it seems to be ok now. Maybe something I did working on the electric fans upset the computer and it just needed reset, which it did when I used the starting fluid.

Rat bait station

The brush in back of the bait station has been setting off my cam when the wind blows so I needed to go down into the creek and trim it back.trimming


I trimmed all the brush off the bank here so now there’s no brush by the station.creek



A bonus was I found these huge wild blackberries ripe and made short work of them.Blackberries


Little balls

Then I wanted to break up the little bait balls to make the pieces smaller so the rats couldn’t pack them off so fast like they were doing with the balls. I tried the hammer, but the little balls were so hard, the hammer caused the bait pieces to jump out of the dish, so I got out the big pliers and used them on the bait and that worked better. I put the dish back in the bait station and that was done.bait



I did a lot of watering so as to lower the tanks level to see if the new ball worked better than the old one, that wasn’t working anymore. I checked the tanks and the gauge seems to be working well.

I watered all this area today and some other areas too, which reminds me I need to go outside and turn the water off on one of the sprinklers that is still running.water\



I noticed this apricot tree had just this one cot on it. That’s always a great thing. It’s like the tree is saying, I couldn’t make a crop this year, but I did make just this one for you. Yum.cot


Game cams

While I was up in the hills trying to get my cell phone to work, I picked up the game cam cards to see what I got.

A wild pigeon gets a drink.pidgen


I think that’s a crow.crows


This one looks like a raven to me. I was surprised to see it here after dark.bird


This one isn’t very clear, but that’s for sure, a skunk there.skunk


And this one was getting a drink from a puddle in front of the cam, too close. I can’t make this one out. Not a fox. The ears are wrong for most stuff. A coon maybe, but the shape if wrong.animal



The last thing I did was to go over and close my brother’s chickens up and collect the eggs.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Trying to Get My Cell Phone Activated and Fixing Stuff

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Do you have weasels or martins?

  2. Judith says:

    Round ears! I am totally stumped. Koala.

  3. don striepeke says:

    could be a young pig?

  4. Nancy K says:

    SKUNK!!!! I love game cameras. Sounds like you had a day similar to mine. Your brother is going to be surprised when he drives the golf cart. I’ve lots of guesses on that last picture, but maybe you’ll capture it again.

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