Trying Out My New Chainsaw On Downed Trees Across the Trail

Sunday December 18, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

I’ve been working my body pretty good lately getting lots of exercise working on the forest trails. So today, I decided to do something a bit different to change things up a bit and give my body a rest.

I got my new little chainsaw out and gassed and oiled it up and jumped on the quad runner and rode on up to where I was working on the trail, to this spot.quad1


My goal today was to cut some fallen trees off the old animal trail I’m working on. That’s a lot easier than running the Pulaski, digging, and cutting tree roots.

Starting at the top

I walked up the trail as I wanted to start cutting things at the top and work my way down, cutting as I go.trail2


This was the first one I cut, a small one that had rotted and fallen down over the trail.tree2


Then I moved to this little bigger one and got that one cleared off the trail.tree3


A big one

This larger one was leaning over the trail to the right and was a little large for that small saw. I thought about waiting until I got my big saw, but what the heck, I have this one, so I started on it. The saw was too small but I cut away and it was slow, but eventually the tree fell down the hilltree4


I thought the tree was rotten when I started but it just looked like it was and was actually real hard old dead wood. The big saw would have cut it a lot faster and easier.stump5


Break time

I needed a good break after that one so I sat in the leaves and took it easy and enjoyed the quiet forest for awhile.

Back to it

Eventually I got up and got the saw running again and cleared some small trees off the trail that goes through here.trail6


The last one

I worked my way down the trail to this spot. I decided to cut the smaller one and wait on the larger one until I got the big saw.logs8


Headed for home

I made my way back to my quad runner and was riding down this road when I saw this log partly on the road so I cut it out of the way.road9


I was riding down this trail and thought I had a clear path to home,………….But.trail10


I ran into these small dead downed trees, so stopped to work on them.trees11


I was getting tired and my back was starting to complain, but I got them cutup and barely got them off the road.cutup12


Once the trees were all cleared I could proceed.road13


I went down this road and it was clear all the way home.road14


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Trying Out My New Chainsaw On Downed Trees Across the Trail

  1. Nancy K says:

    I think your chainsaw work will never be done. But it’s fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment for the day. Good work!

  2. Deb says:

    There seems to be a lot of trails there in your forest. Maybe it’s the angle of the pic but the end of the log seemed to be sticking out pretty close to the path after you cut it, I would worry about slipping into it on a muddy day. You do a lot of work in a day.

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