Trip Shopping, Van Packing and Checking the Water Tanks

Monday July 29, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I headed on over to the shopping centers today and went to the hardware store to get a circuit breaker for my brother’s generator hookup I’ve been working on. I think I got the right breaker this time, maybe.

I also went to Costco to finish up my shopping for the trip.

Chatted with Ray

On the way home I stopped at Ray’s house to see how he was doing. He’s ready to go with most of his truck packed up.

I didn’t stay long as I have stuff to get done today since we are leaving tomorrow morning, Tuesday.

Generator hookup

I went over to my brother’s place and tried to install the circuit breaker, but it still wouldn’t go. I looked at it carefully and it had some little metal break outs I was able to remove to make it work so I finally got his emergency generator hookup installed. Great it took long enough trying to get the right parts.

Loading up the van

I put the kayak on top of the van and loaded all the stuff that goes with it. I also loaded more stuff, mostly food stuff except for the cold stuff which I will put in just before I leave.van


Checking our water usage

Towards evening I rode the dirt bike up to the water tanks to see if we picked up any water on the gauge from yesterday. Nope, I think it went down just a tiny bit.tanks


Vegetables require a lot of water

The lead balls show how much water is in the tank which is about half way. My brother Tom uses a lot of water to grow vegetables for Armstrong Valley Farm. It takes a lot of water to grow good vegetables. He does have some other sources of water but they all require electricity so he prefers the free spring water besides it being real good water.gage


When I returned home I informed my brother about the water and since I’m leaving it’s up to him how he handles it.

Mixing chicken feed

After that I went out in the chicken shed and mixed up a bucket of feed and loaded the Grandpa’s feeder for my assistant which will be taking care of my chickens. I mixed up one more bucket just so she’ll have it.

Gassing up

And then I drove the van down to the town of Guerneville to top up the gas tank and drove on home and loaded up some more stuff.

I think I’m ready to go except for getting my electronic type stuff in it which I will do before I go to bed.

Off on our trip

We’ll be leaving in the morning once I get it going and headed to Winnemucca Nevada and then in the direction of the Jarbidge area in the north eastern part of the state.

Of course internet will be sparse so you’ll hear from me when I can get on the net.

After we drive around the Jarbidge area we’ll be heading up to the North Eastern part of Oregon to a little town called Troy where we plan to do some kayaking on the river for about a week. So it’s a week in the desert heading to Jarbidge and a week on the river in Troy.

Things are looking good, eh. Stay tuned. :O)

Nice day.

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5 Responses to Trip Shopping, Van Packing and Checking the Water Tanks

  1. jenny Johnson says:

    Look for my name on the ceiling of the Jarbidge Tavern — it is there someplace from 30 years ago —Jenny J

  2. DAVID EVANS says:

    Saw 5 shooters last night Bob, East and SE….Keep looking up!…..
    Maybe see ya around Bruneau ..Troy is yet closer…..
    Ride Safe and have fun!

  3. George Yates says:

    What a fun trip, exploring and having fun. Your Van is looking good and about ready to hit the road. Safe travels.

  4. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like a great trip! I hope the weather remains good for you. Your chickens will miss your attention. :)
    Looking forward to hear of your travels as you are able.

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