Trip Planning and Some Fire Trail Work Up In the Hills

Friday September 2, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trip planning

Marty came by today to do some more planning for our up coming trip near the end of the month.

We looked at maps and talked about our route and shot the bull for awhile and made  plans.

Work in the hills

After we’d did what planning we could for now we got the chainsaw and rode on up into the hills to get some exercise, at least that’s what I told Marty.marty1


Fresh water drink

On our way to our first workout, we stopped at the spring to get a drink of fresh water and then sat in the chairs there for some more bull.spring2


Ok, I said to Marty, it’s time to go get some of that exercise so we rode up the hill a bit further to these downed trees across the road.trees3


I used the chainsaw to cut the trees up into logs we could  handle while Marty worked on clearing the cut stuff off the road.log4


Off to the next one

Then we rode on over to my cousin’s place where I knew there were a bunch of trees across the road I didn’t clear the other day.

There’s four or five trees laying across the road in this spot so we stopped and got out the chainsaw and started to work, a, I mean get some exercise.trees5


I started with this one cutting it up into smaller pieces we could handle.trees6


Marty got some good exercise on this one and wore himself out pretty good. He worked until he had to rest. Eventually I had to rest too so we shot the bull some more, then finished off the job so we could pass on by headed to our next rest area.pickup7


We rode on up the ridge to the hilltop with this view. It seemed it was real smoky out there from a fire somewhere.view8


Marty headed for the hammock and we rested up and shot the bull some more.resting9


Short walk

Once we were good and rested up we headed down to a trail and walked out it for some more exercise and sat around and shoot the bull some more.trail10


We had a good ride and plenty of exercise so headed on home.

Marty took off for home where I’m sure he’ll be napping and I went in the house and did the same.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Good job, er a… I mean exercise.

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