Trimming Plum Trees and Moving the Brush

Friday July 24, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Trimming and hauling brush

I trimmed a lot of plum trees yesterday and they made a big mess of brush that needed to be hauled to the brush pile across the yard.

I did some more trimming today so the sun can get to the cherry trees.

Then I piled up the brush in small piles to haul to the big brush pile across the yard.btush


Cleaned up

I got most of the brush moved across the yard. The chickens moved in to help me out.trimmed


Bumper crop of plums

You can see the plum trees are over loaded with plums causing the trees to sag with the weight of them.plums


After I removed the brush there was lots of plums on the ground. The chickens will slowly help clean them up.plums5


Looking for mulberries

After that and a few breaks I moved the ladder over to the mulberry tree so I could get up in the tree and eat some berries. Most of the berries were still red and not ripe and black but it won’t be long before they all turn ripe.mulberries


Fresh prunes

I did better on the prune trees.  I like to start eating these French prunes just as they start to turn as they are very sweet and juicy then.prunes


Most people only know the prune in it’s dry state as that’s what you can get in stores as the fresh ones don’t ship well. Too bad as the fresh ones are very good.

Finishing up the brush

I’d moved all the brush I cut over to here and now it had to go through the gate and into the big pile so I worked on getting that done just before dark.brush6


Habitat pile

It didn’t take long before I had all the brush piled up in a big pile. Some might say the big pile of brush is a fire hazard, but I say it’s a good habitat pile and as the brush breaks down it makes some real nice black dirt.

The big brush pile.pile


Chicken chores

One of the chicken chores is shutting them up for the night once they get on the roost to protect them from predators.roost


A couple of little peeps on the roost.peeps


It took me all day to get that brush moved. I just kept at it and slowly it got done.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Trimming Plum Trees and Moving the Brush

  1. rachel says:

    I agree with Patsy – lotta work.

    Wow, look at those plums. I used to have a couple of trees that put out loads of sugar plums. They weren’t very impressive for eating in your hand and we never got set up for drying, so we’d make this bread with them.

    I skip the extra sugar and use about half the honey. Instead I put in extra plums. Gotta cook it a little longer but I love this recipe. The walnuts give it a nice crunch and the spices complement the plums well. I leave the skins on for a little bit of tartness. Delicious.

    I really enjoy the different pics that pop up as the pages change on your blog. You’ve got some great ones up there.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    You had quite the busy day and got a lot cleaned up. You had rewards with fruit, that must be awesome to have so many varieties to choose from.

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