Travelling Across Nevada on the Back Roads

Sunday August 20, 2017 Willow Creek Reservoir Nevada

Headed for the Willow Creek Reservoir

Today I’m travelling across Nevada east to west on roads I like to travel, not freeways. This was the first road I travelled on as I got it going this morning.road1


Got water

I stopped at this spring I call Sock Spring and filled all my water containers up with water.water2


I was getting slow on water so this was a good thing to do and now I’m good to go for a couple more weeks.

Birds on the road

I continued on and ran into these chucker’s on the road. They flew off just before I was going to run over some of them.chuckers


The road is rather scenic with very few people using it.road3


I went through this area.road4


And on into his area as I travelled along.road5


And I passed through a bunch of quaking aspen trees.quakes6


No sunflowers

And then up onto Sunflower flat, but I was too late for any sunflowers.road6



This is more of Sunflower flat without the sunflowers.road7


I went by this headed for Mountain City.road8


Maggie’s Summit road

After Mountain City, I headed out this road which was the Maggie’s Summit Road. Most of the ranchers have their hay cut and bailed.road9


On the other side of Maggie’s summit I went by these contented cows. They have lots to eat right now.road10


Willow Creek Reservoir

I drove to the Willow Creek Reservoir where I planned to camp down there on the creek behind the dam.dam


I parked down here by the creek and went for a little walk along the creek.walk12


I saw some ducks.ducks11


And wasn’t able to get a picture of the muskrat or the weasel in the water.

Night’s camp

Here’s my camp for the night by the creek with the dam in the


And here’s the sunset that finished out the day.sunset


Tomorrow I will continue on to Winnemucca Nevada, gas and shop and head up Highway 95 to highway 140 west to Oregon. I plan to camp somewhere on highway 140.

Nice day.

Posted from Winners, Winnemucca Nevada.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’ve never heard of Chuckers, brave, aren’t they
    Too bad the Sunflowers were done. My favourite flower.
    What a great road you were travelling on…….it is in good condition because it is hardly used. :)

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