Traveling From Guerneville To Nevada With One Unexpected Stop

Sunday April 30, 2017 East of Reno Nevada

Heading off for another adventure

I got it going this morning and was on the road headed east by 11 AM. I’d traveled about an hour and a half and was just east of Middletown when all traffic stopped on the road, all I could see were stop lights on cars. It looked like stop and go, mostly stop. Instead of playing the stop and go thing with my manual clutch and on an uphill area, I immediately pulled into a small drive going to a grassy field. I parked and had a nap. The traffic going my way was totally stopped for about forty fire minutes before it started to move again, but slowly, so I stayed in my spot a few more minutes. Once the traffic had cleared out, I was back on the road after a good nap.

That was a good move

I think I made a good move getting off the highway so I could relax instead of watching and waiting to move.

Actually that delay was a good thing as it helped me avoid the evening traffic in Truckee and Reno, so I sailed right through those areas just after the evening traffic.

However I did get lost a bit coming into Grass Valley. I made a turn I thought I should take even though the GPS didn’t say too and I screwed up before following the GPS back to the right route.

I buzzed by Reno fairly fast with very little traffic and stopped at Fernley to get a few things at the Wal-Mart there.

Of course I got lost for a bit when I left Wal-Mart and let he GPS turn me back around headed north to get back on highway 80 heading east.

I’m spending the night under the power poles

Once back on 80, it was a straight shot to highway 95 south where I crossed back over to the north side of highway 80, climbed the hill road for a quarter mile and took the dirt maintenance road to the right that goes under the big power poles.

I travel about a half mile or so under the poles to get away from every thing and that’s where I’m at now and will spend the night.

Tomorrows plan

Tomorrow I will drive to Winnemucca to gas and get some BLM maps at the BLM office in town.

That will give me a chance to post this blog at the McDonalds in town.

Once I have all my business done in town, I will get back on highway 80 east for about twenty miles or so to a place called Goldconda which is a jump off to a road that goes to a lot of big active mines. I will take the mining road northeast towards Mountain City, but I plan to spend the night at Willow Creek Reservoir. The road I will travel on is called the Midas to Tuscarora Road.

It will likely be several days before I get internet access again so you’ll hear from me when I get access.

That’s it for the day.

Well you can see I made it to Winnemucca OK.

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4 Responses to Traveling From Guerneville To Nevada With One Unexpected Stop

  1. Miles says:

    Your trips are inspiring, Bob. Thanks for documenting them. I hope to do something similar across the states later this summer with my wife. Maybe I’ll see you out on the river and get to pick your brain for a minute sometime. =)


  2. Binky says:

    Very interesting. reminds me of me when I was younger.

  3. Jenny J says:

    Funny you should mention Mountain City Nevada — Been there done that — I live in Mountain City Tennessee —- Enjoy Jargbidge Nevada one of the last great places on this earth — Look in the bar you will find my name on the ceiling!! (from a different life)

  4. Patsy Irene says:

    Good move pulling out of that ‘dead’ traffic. Glad you made it safely to Winnemucca.

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