Traveling Along the Continental Divide Trail Day 3

Wednesday July 26, 2017 Continental Divide Trail Montana

Three posts from Butte Montana

Third day traveling the Divide

We left our mountain top camp on the Continental Divide around nine this morning and drove down this road which was mostly on the mountain tops.Start3


Resupply my water supply

I’d asked Marty to look out for springs today as I wanted to top up my water supply. Right away he spotted this cow watering spring so I got my jugs out and filled them up while he waited.water


Nice to have all my water topped up with spring water so off we drove.

We are following the bike route sorta

We passed a number of bikers doing the Continental Trail or parts of it.bikes


We crossed the actual trail here so stopped for a bit.cdx3


We crossed the trail again here so stopped again.div ide2


Traveling this rocky road

We dropped down this road and traveled it for a while.road


Out of no where this log truck showed up and we got by ok.logs


Mountain top travel

We traveled this road going down the divide on the mountain tops.raod5


Lunch at this spot

And stopped here at another Divide trail crossing and had lunch.lunch


We passed by some old ruins along the trail.oldstuff


Luxury train

We came around a corner and there was this train just setting there.train


Change in plans

We wanted to go to this town but when we stopped by the train and talked with the guy there he said the town was a rail town and only accessible by train so that changed that plan.traintalk


We continued on down into this valley.down


Highway travel

We did have to do some modern road travel in the afternoon.road6


And there was some road construction too, but not too much on most of the roads we traveled.constru


Dennis works on a problem

We stopped in this small town for a bit and Dennis found his back bumper and spare tire rack mount was a bit on the loose side so he tightened the whole thing up and will have to keep an eye on it as it seems to bounce around a lot on the back roads.rear


Dennis led us up to this camp spot for the night then he and his wife went to town to find a motel and will rejoin us tomorrow morning all cleaned up.

Tonight’s camp


We’ve been getting some late afternoon thunder showers lightly since we arrived at this camp spot which is nice.

Nice day.

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