Travel Day and Doing Some Exploring In Port Orford Oregon

Saturday July 4, 2020 Port Orford Oregon

Traveling North July 2nd

I took off for Port Orford Oregon around 10 AM July 2nd. It was an all day drive up Highway 101.

I arrived at my camp spot around 6 PM and tried to drive up the little road on the right that goes to a rock quarry for the state highway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but.road1


New gate blocks my camp

They’d put a gate across the road since the last time I was up this way so that didn’t work out.gate2



Lucky they didn’t block this spot which was close by. It was a bit closer to the highway but would work out for the night.

I parked the van here with the side doors looking out over the Pacific ocean towards Japan.van4


This was my view out the side doors of the van looking south.ocean3


And this was the sunset over the ocean.sunset5


I had an uneventful night which is always good.

Next day

The next day I drove on into Port Orford and drove over to Steve’s place to  make some plans for doing some exploring.

After having a good bull session I drove on down to the Port Orford boat docks but it was closed because of the virus, to the public. Shoot.

Good camp spot

I continued on to my camp spot where a friend is letting me stay here.camp6


It has a nice babbling brook running by.creek7


Exploring day, 4th

The next day Steve came by and we hopped in my van to go check out some places to hopefully fish.

I knew a place I’d been watching south of town so we drove down that way to have a look and to see if we could get down to the ocean from the highway.

We checked this spot out first but there was no way to get down to the ocean over the cliffs. It did look like some good fishing down there when the tide went out.ocean8


Little road

Looking south from that spot I could see this little road going down towards the ocean off the main highway so we drove over there to check it out.road9


Here’s Steve as we got to the end of that little access road,…………But.parked11


Oh, oh

Steve spotted this sign which said we couldn’t fish here but we could clam. If we wanted to fish we’d need to go back up the road a bit and find a way down which was out of the no fishing zonesign12


This was the ocean view from the end of that little road. The next rocky point you see is out of the no fish zone and the rocky point is called Rocky Point and looked like a good fishing spot, but there was no fishing tackle allowed in the no fish zone so we couldn’t access that point from this spot.rockpoint10


This spot looks like it will work

So we drove back out to the main highway to this spot and got out to see if we could find a way down to the beach and we did.parked13


Rocky Point

We cold get down to the beach and go down to to Rocky Point on the left. If the tide was out we could fish in some of those rocks that are now under water. So it looks like we need to try this spot when we could catch a low tide.rockpoint13


It was good to find at least one spot we could try fishing from  so now we had something to do.

Checking on another spot

There was another spot I wanted to check out too. Port Orford Head looked like there might be some good fishing from the ocean shores there if we could find a way down the cliffs to fish.

We drove up to the Coast Guard Museum parking lot and read some of the signs and maps and checked out the trails on the maps. Being the 4th of July the place was pretty busy so we decided to come back another time to do some exploring.

By this time Steve was tired out so we drove on back to my camp spot and rested up for the rest of the day making some plans.

Nice day exploring.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult finding a fishing spot with all that water! I’m glad you persisted though and can plan another day to get the hooks in there. Beautiful scenery and views from your campspot on the hill.

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