Transplanting Strawberry Plants and Servicing the Bulldozer

Saturday April 22, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Off to dig up strawberry plants

My brother Tom said he had a bunch of strawberry plants that came up in his strawberry patch if I wanted some strawberry plants for my garden enclosure.

So, after getting it going I grabbed a shovel and a bucket and walked over to his strawberry patch through here.walk_thumb[1]


The strawberry plants seemed to have liked all the rain we’ve had this winter and were doing real good. Some even had strawberries.

Armstrong Valley Farm garden

Here’s the garden where I’m digging up some strawberry plants.garden_thumb[1]


The new plants were growing between the rows so were real easy to dig up. I dug up all these plants by the bucket in a short time.plants_thumb[1]


I ate a few berries before I left going by these piggies.pigs_thumb[1]


Planting the berry plants

I planted the strawberry plants around the edge of the enclosure which didn’t take long as all the soil has been recently turned. I just dug in with my hands and planted the plants.berryplants_thumb


Black cat

While I was doing that I noticed this black cat that I hadn’t seen before hunting around the yard. I hear it’s another neighbors cat. Good to have some cats in the yard to keep the mices and gophers down, even though I don’t have any gophers. :O)cat_thumb


Garden watering system

After I planted the berries I turned on the sprinkler to  wet them down. You can see the sprinkler on the top of the enclosure. I just installed it and it looks like it may work out. I’ll just need to make the water hose longer a bit.water_thumb[1]


Servicing the bulldozer

After that I sat around for a bit, then decided to take the quad up the hill and put some fuel in the bulldozer and grease it. I got the stuff together and off I went.

The dozer was parked here, so I fueled it and greased it.quad_thumb


I almost stepped on this 8 inch long banana slug.slug_thumb[1]


I wanted to take the dozer up higher on the hill to put it in place to move some big trees off the road and driving it keeps the battery charged so I drove it up the road a ways.view_thumb[1]


I pushed these downed trees off the road and went on by.trees_thumb[2]


I went along this road and parked the dozer just up ahead.roadup_thumb


I cut through here on the way down. Since I left the dozer up there, I had to walk back down to were the quad was parked.down_thumb[1]


Farming away

On the way back I saw my brother Tom in one of his gardens. He’d just turned over the soil here and was hooking up the disc to his bucket so he could move it to another garden.tom_thumb[1]


I made it back to my yard were I sat around for the rest of the day and did a bit of puttering too.

That was my day.

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