Transplanting Raspberry Plants Before Spring Hits

Saturday January 11, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Working in the garden day

I wasn’t into mechanicing today as it was a bit overcast and the sun was hiding behind the big trees most of the day.

I sat around for a bit and then rounded up a shovel and the wheelbarrow.

Transplanting raspberry plants

I needed to transplant a bunch of raspberry plants to the raspberry patch. I’ve got some plants that grew up in my vegetable garden and they are taking over so they need to get moved to the raspberry patch to do their thing.

Here’s where I’m going to dig up some of the raspberry plants. They are dormant and don’t have their leaves right now.vines


Dug up

I dug a bunch of the plants up in this spot.dugvines


Lotsa plants

Then I moved to this spot and started to dig when I realized I have more plants than I thought so I better stop digging them up and plant some. I dug up about a third of these ones and got the wheelbarrow to load them up for transport the the raspberry patch across the yard.berryvines


Here’s loading up the wheelbarrow with the plants.vineload


Raspberry patch

Here’s the raspberry patch where my helpers have been busy turning over things for planting. Fortunately it turns out they don’t like to eat raspberry plants so I should be able to use them for weed and bug control in the patch.patch


It took awhile to get that load of berry plants planted but I almost have it here. I think I have about two more loads of berry plants to go for this job.plant


I worked on that up until the time the day started to cool down and then called it quits.

Nice day, I got some stuff done and some exercise too. It’s good to get the berry plants going as it’s one of the things that needs done before spring hits.

A sure sign of spring is when the daffodils bloom. They aren’t blooming yet but they are growing fast.

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