Trail Work On the Pipe Line In The Forest

Saturday January 4, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Day in the forest

With a bit of rain last night the forest was nice and damp and lush. I had some work to do up there on a water pipe line I’m reworking the trail on.

After feeding the chickens I got some tools together and headed on up into the hills to his spot where I was working on the trail up behind the quad runner. That’s where our water pipes come down to our water tanks from springs up higher in the hills.quad


Trail work

This is one of the trails I cleaned up a bit going through some nice lush big ferns eh.trail


And I worked on this part too. I just work away and before I know it, it’s getting dark and the day is almost over.trail2


I headed on down by our water tanks on the way home.tanks


Chickens let me know

When I arrived home the chickens where waiting at this gate as it was past time to let them out into this area to graze and they were letting me know it was time to open the gate.chickens


I opened the gate and they all took off to do their thing looking for goodies to eat.chicksout


I did notice when I got off the quad runner I could barely move. That means I worked these old muscles a bit today and will be a bit sore for awhile. Living in a forest helps to keep me young or is it just wearing me out. :O)

It doesn’t matter it was a real nice day puttering up in the forest.

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