Trail and Dam Work Up in the Woods and My Back Hurts

Monday August 19, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Working in the woods

I was back up in the woods working on this trail by noon today. I needed the trail not only for me to walk on but I needed a good bed to lay the black water pipe on to maintain the proper slope to the pipe so the water will flow properly.

Trail work

I started with this part of the trail as I needed to dig down around that redwood there to get the pipe through and on down the trail.trail


Laying the water pipe

I worked on putting the right slope on the trail for three hours or so and was pretty pooped but I had  more to do.trailpipe


I made it with the pipe down past that redwood tree so far.pipe


I did work on more trail for the older main pipe, the main line I want to hook into which I’ll have to move onto the trail to make it work out.trailwork


Moving blue clay and forming the dam

Next I needed to haul some more buckets of clay to this spring dam. You can see the clay I’ve put in so far needs to be smoothed out and the holes all filled in to complete the clay dam.

This is how I left it yesterday and ready for more clay.outlet


I hauled up a number of half buckets of blue clay and dumped it here ready to apply to the dam. The blue clay works best if it gets worked around some in your  hands to soften it up a bit.clay


Dam‘s finished

It’s hard to tell but the dam slopes up to the front so it forms a dam for the water to go down the drain pipe which you can see towards the back.claydam


Here’s the drain pipe with a small sink of clay built around it to direct the water down the pipe. I’ve smoothed the clay out and it’s now ready for a screen which I plan to make out of some stainless steel I have.drainsink


Backs hurting a bit

My back was already saying that’s enough before I started on the clay so once the clay was done I loaded up and limped home for the day and applied an ice pack to  my back right away.

I got a lot of exercise and quite a bit done for a good day working in the woods. I think tomorrow I need a rest and will go down to the river to a relaxing day kayaking.

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  1. George Yates says:

    You sure did have a great workout and got a lot done. ice pack and relaxing is a good thing.

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