Took a Break From Work and Went For a Ride With Barry Up In the Forest

Tuesday April 4, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Bike ride day

Barry drove in with his truck today and was ready to go for a dirt bike ride up in the hills. The sun was out and it looked like it was going to be a nice day for a ride, so I got my stuff together and joined him. I’ve been doing too much work and a break would be good.Barrry1



He headed right to the waterfall to check it out.falls2


Maybe it’s rained enough for this little waterfall to last for awhile this year, since it’s the best rains were had since the 1970’s when droughts started and our rainy weather pattern changed.falls3


From there we headed up to the ridge tops where we get some views of the surrounding areas.view4


Barry said there’s a deer up ahead on the road. Sure enough. We were going that way but it took off and we didn’t see it again.deer5


Another view down towards the town of Guerneville.view6


We rode road along the ridge tops for a bit and this was our view to the west, where the Pacific ocean is, just over those hills. There’s some fog out there over the ocean, that’s why it’s white.westview7


Black Chanterelles Mushrooms

I was telling Barry about some mushrooms I’d spotted about a week ago but I couldn’t remember where I saw them,. Later I remembered that maybe it was by some trees I was cutting off the road, so we rode on over there and he found a few of them so I had the right place.

Then we rode on to this spot where he walked around a bit and found some more of them.barry8


From there we headed on down the hill and rode around a bit  more checking out some other mushroom spots he knew about and found a couple more of them.

Putting my little basket to use

We made it back to my place and here’s the Black Chanterelles he found. I haven’t tried them, but he says they are one good mushroom.shrooms9



I sat around the yard chair hopping in the evening as it was real nice out. I stayed there until the sun went behind the hills to the west.sunset11


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Waterfall is longer than I thought. How lovely. And chanterelles. What a day you had.

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