Too Windy So Stayed Home and Worked On Stuff

Friday June 16, 2017  Guerneville CA.

I let the wind keep me home

The weather guys have been reporting winds down at Jenner lately so I stayed home and worked on some more projects and puttered around the yard.

Four wheel hub repair

My driver’s side front hub has been looking a bit loose lately. The cause might be from me stepping on it to get into the driver’s seat. Anyway it was a bit loose and I had concerns of water getting in there and causing some problems, so it was time to remove the hub assembly and have a look at it.wheel


I removed the outer hub to expose the inter assembly. I couldn’t see what the problem was, but I had an old assembly in the garage I could replace this assembly with it.hub


That inter thing is what I replaced

I removed the inter assemble around the axle and replaced the part with the used part I had. Greased it  up good too. That’s the outer hub laying on top. the piece I replaced is below that inside the wheel hub.hubgrease


The hub was now tight so that was fixed and I’ll try not to step on it, getting in the van and use another method.

I puttered around the yard a lot.

Blue means blueberries are ripe

Here’s my blueberry potato


I’ve been eating my share of blueberries as they are starting to ripen up.berries


See what I mean, turning blue means ripe and yummy.blueberries


I also continued to cut wild blackberry vines out of the yard as they sure grow fast.

Here’s some of those wild blackberry bushes I removed today.berrybush


Cleaned carpets back in the van

I put the cleaned carpet back in the van and screwed it down to  hold it in place.van


Still more to do

I also contemplated a couple other repairs I need to do in the van. My office chair which I sit on all the time in the van needs some mending and it would also be a good idea to try to seal the back van doors a little better to keep them from sucking dust into the back of the van as it can get a bit dusty back there and that’s where I have my bed folded up. For a bed I use a big piece of four inch thick foam I keep made up into a bed and folded up on the back floor, so I can just unfold it out on the floor when I want to use it.

Other than that, I just took it easy today. Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Awesome blueberry patch! Get picking, Bob!

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