Too Warn Out to Do Much Today

Saturday, June 15, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

My back sure hurts today too

When I woke up this morning, my back was feeling like it didn’t want to move too much. I stayed in bed a couple extra hours before getting going this morning.

I couldn’t figure out what happened to my back, at first. Later I realized I picked up and moved a lot of brush to the brush pile a few days ago and that was likely what the main cause of the sore back was. Some of my hikes in the last few days might have had something to do with it too. Oh well.

The day consisted of sitting around the yard a lot, especially early in the day. I had a lot of things I could do, but most of them would be hard on a sore back so I tried to do little easier things. I put a new belt on the lawn mower.

Next I decided to make some more jam, so I picked some wild plums and started the slow cooking process. Of course one has to watch the stove for this process, so that wasn’t too hard on me. I made about two quarts of plum jam today, seems real good too.

I was feeling a bit better late in the day, so I cranked the mower up and did a bit of mowing in the yard. After that, I dug up some potatoes from my potato patch.

I’m installing a new cutting board in my van, so I looked at how to do that, which was mostly just sitting in my van figuring out how to mount it, so it doesn’t fly around on back dirt roads.

Oh, I’d also started a big pot of black beans last night, so I finished cooking them today. Hummmm good. I’ve been eating a lot of beans lately, mostly because they don’t have any thing made from corn in them.

Anyway, that was my day, hope my back is a bit better tomorrow.

Not a bad day really. :O)

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