Tom and I Clear Some Trees For Fire Prevention

Thursday April 2, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Tree day

Today I was thinking of setting up to cut down some pepperwood trees for fire protection around the house. So I got out a ladder and started trimming some blackberry vines and limbs around the trees to be able to use the chainsaw on them.

Tom helps

They are actually on my brother Tom’s place and he was watching me from his place and offered his saw so I said bring it on over and let’s get these trees down and I’ll cut them up.

We had to put some ropes on each one to pull it down in the right direction  and after awhile we got them down safely without too much trouble.stumps


Trimming them up

Tom left and I got out my big saw. First I had to limb the trees. Lots of brush for sure.limbed


I worked on cutting the logs up for a couple hours and got it almost cut up at this point.cutup


I needed a rest from all the work so took it easy chair hopping until evening. Looking west as the sun just went


I cut up the last of the logs. Lots of brush there to get rid of, but not today.done


I did get a little firewood out of the work.wood


Working chickens

After that I walked out front where the chickens were and they all crowded around thinking I had something for them, but I didn’t.chickens


I’ve learned that if I sit somewhere the chickens will come over, so I sat in this chair to get them to start digging this area up for me. It worked for awhile before they lost interest and wondered off.helpers


It was good to get those trees down and cut up. Now all I  have to do is clean up the mess.

Got a lot more exercise than I needed which is always good and the sun was out nice, so nice day.

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2 Responses to Tom and I Clear Some Trees For Fire Prevention

  1. Ed says:

    Google Pepper Tree before you decide to use it as firewood. Not a good idea.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice that you took care of some trees and that Tom was able to help.
    As for the chickens, hard to get good help nowadays. :) haha

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