Thunder Showers Make For a Good Shopping Day

Monday April 16, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Checking on and getting supplies

We are supposed to have some thunder showers today s instead of going kayaking in the wind and the rain, it seemed like a good day to do some shopping  and check some things out for future plans.

Looking for painted roofing metal

I wanted to go over to a Lowes store to see if they had any painted roofing metal and how much so I headed on over there first about a half hour drive.

Not without my rain jacket

It was raining cats and dogs as I parked and was going to walk into the store. I tried it without my rain coat, but after a few feet I returned to the car for  my rain coat and all was good.

I found some metal roofing that will work. It was about 28 dollars for a 3×8 foot sheet, so about 300 dollars worth should do my project. While I was there I bought a few other things. I also looked to see if they had any type of poultry wire, but they did not.

The rain shower had stopped when I went back out to the car, only because it knew I had  my rain coat on.

I drove on over to Costco and bought as much corn less food as I could find and got rained on again as I was heading back to my car but no matter, I had my rain jacket on.

Checking more stores

As long as I was checking things I stopped at a Home Depot to see if they had any metal roofing. They had some but not any painted, only tinned. I bought some spray paint there so I wouldn’t have to go next door to Walmart for it.

Spray paint can sprayer saves the hands

The other day when I was spray painting some stuff, my thumb and index finger was really hurting from holding the spray button down, so I looked for a handle that attaches to the spray can. I’ve used one before but it wouldn’t work on the type of spray cans I was now using. It’s worth way over the 6 dollars I paid for it so now I can paint away.

Always interesting visiting Joe

Since I already bought the spray paint I needed I headed on home. On the way I stopped to shot the bull with Joe. He’s a fabricator and a welder, retired, but he still does odd jobs and usually has something interesting to look at and talk about so discussed what he was doing.

I’ll catch them next time

He was busier than usual today so I left him at it and drove on home stopping at John and Cheryl’s as I wanted to talk to them about the how and whys of their chickens but no one was home so I headed home and unloaded the car and had something to eat.

New muffler arrived

The muffler I had ordered for my car was leaning on the gate as I drove in so  now I can install that when I get a chance.

With the thunder showers and cloud cover it was a bit chilly outside so even though I went out there several times I didn’t last long and found myself back in the house for the evening.\

That was my day.

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One Response to Thunder Showers Make For a Good Shopping Day

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Good type of day for shopping or sitting inside where it is dry. That is where I am most of these days. Too much precipitation here for our liking!! Of the white and wet kind.
    Have fun painting!

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