Thunder Showers and Some Good News From Troy Oregon

Wednesday January 6, 2016 Jenner CA.

Raingear day

It was raining again this morning and there were thundershowers predicted for the rest of the day, so I donned my rain gear and drove on down to Jenner thinking it would likely be too rainy to kayak.

The rain had stopped by the time I pulled into Jenner. I decided to drive down to the river’s mouth overlook to take a look first.


The river was up from the rains and muddy. Lot’s of wood debris was floating out into the ocean.mouth


There were plenty of harbor seals and seagulls resting down there on the sand.seals


River looks calm

Looking back up the river from the overlook, the estuary looked nice and calm with very little current as the mouth is sorta plugged up a bit with sand, so it’s backing up the estuary. Part of the plug up is the ocean is real rough and moving large amounts of sand into the mouth area during high tide.river


I drove back to the boat ramp and saw John, Ray’s brother’s truck parked in the parking lot, which meant he was out kayaking somewhere.

River is calm

I put my boat in the water and headed down river towards the mouth area. Looks pretty good eh.river2


Couldn’t paddle onto Penny Island

Since the water level was high, I went over to check out Penny Island to see if I could paddle onto it. Almost, but not quite, so I continued on towards the mouth area.island


On the way I saw John who lives down here at his house so I paddled on over and we chatted for a good bit. I sat in this spot and chatted away. Those are seagulls in the air there.birds


Eventually, I paddled on down and sat in this spot checking things out watching the big waves crash on the rocks out in front.waves


There was a lot of wood debris floating and slowly making it’s way out to sea.river4


I stayed down by the mouth for a half hour or so thinking I was lucky not to have gotten rained on yet, then headed back up the river.

John shows up

I was going along the north side of Penny Island when I saw John headed for the boat ramp. When he saw me, he crossed over the river to join me for a bull session. :O)john



We were sitting here talking away when John says there’s a rainbow. Sure enough, there was a rainbow, ending right at the boat ramp.rainbow


Eventually, John went on in for the day and I continued up to the upper end of Penny Island and sat with my buddy the heron for a bit. I’ve been seeing this heron most every day and I think it finally got tired of flying off when it sees me as it’s been hanging close lately and not flying off.heron



One of those thunder showers came in and dumped heavy rain on me for a couple minutes before it stopped. I think there was a bit of slush mixed in with it too.

This is just after the heavy shower passed and I was thinking of going in for the day looking over to the town of Jenner.jenner


I paddled back over to the boat ramp and took my boat out of the water and went on home for the day. I had expected more heavy rain, but I only got a heavy shower or two and it turned out to be a nice day.

Good news from Troy

I was sitting here this evening when the phone rang. It was Sue who used to live up in Troy Oregon that a friend and I used to go up every year and do honey do’s for them. Cutting their firewood and doing repairs on things. She was a great cook so we had a place to stay and we ate well. Her husband who was the one room school teacher died of old age and she moved back to her birthplace in Virginia, I think it was. Troy is in the most north eastern part of the state.

Well, she just moved back to Troy in the Bear’s place which is called Eden. I was blown away by this news. Mr. Brown was known as the Bear and he was. :O)

They have a nice river there called the Grande Ronde  which flows a bit faster than the Russian River and is fun to kayak.

I’m looking forward to going back up there and doing some more honey do’s. :O)

That was my day.

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