Three Hikes In the Queen’s Canyon, Kofa Arizona

Sunday March 1, 2020 Queen’s Canyon Kofa, Arizona

Posted two blogs today. Read the one below this to stay in sequence.

Hiking day

I was thinking of doing some hiking today but I wasn’t sure where.

Once I got it going I drove on up the road a couple miles.road1



I stopped here and got out to have a look. I could go two ways so I picked the easiest way off to the right up a creek.park2


I walked up through this creek to get back into the area there to have a look around.walk3


Lots of desert type stuff to avoid while walking around.walk4


Some of the places were lush with green grass.grass5


Another hike

I could only go a short distance on that walk so I returned to where the van was parked and went off to the left this time.van6


It was pretty rocky but not too hard to go on up stepping on rocks.hike7


I walked through this area headed on up to the big rock.walk8


I continued on up the canyon going through here.walk9


New life

I walked by this interesting cactus. Looks like it’s getting some new life.walk10


I walked up onto that lower ridge on the right, not that high one.walk11


And eventually started on back taking this different way.walk12


I noticed this little cactus which was getting ready to bloom I think.cactus13


It’s always good to see the van on the way back from a hike.van14


Third hike

After a good rest and break I drove the van back down the road a mile or so to the Signal Peak trailhead and parked. I went for another short hike up this canyon keeping to the right side for a ways.walk15


The creek I walked through had some nice rocks to walk on. I picked  my way through the rocks very carefully.creek16


I only went about a mile and turned on back towards the van taking a different route back.walk17


I  missed the van a little on the way back but only had to walk up the road a bit to find it.van18


Coffee and snacks

After a good break I drove on down the Queen’s road headed out and stopped in this spot in the shade for another break.road19


I had some coffee and made 3 biscuits.snack20


Tonight’s camp spot

After eating I drove down the road putting the rough stuff behind me and camped in this spot just before the sun went down.sunset21


I did three walks today which kept me busy most of the day and now I’m tired out.

Nice day for walking and enjoying the desert.

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