The Weird Plant, Spring Work, and Firewood

Tuesday May 16, 2023 Guerneville CA.

The weird plant



I had some commenters on the plant. Coralroot and Pinedrops. It looks sorta like both of these but not quite, although it could be this one is out of the same families as there are quite a few similar plants in these families. I’m leaning towards the Pinedrops one.

Ed suggested I get an app to try to identify it called Seek by iNaturalist. You take a picture of a plant or animal and it identifies your photo. I need to get that on my phone.

I need to see what it looks like when it flowers which might help in the identification.

Today’s project

I took my tools up to the new spring I decided to develop to do some digging. I knocked some dirt and rocks down off the bank and now have to dig it out.spring1


Once I shoveled it out it looked like this. I think I’ll have to dig some more out.spring2



I needed a break and just about that time, Tom came by and was going up to the ridge top to help my brother Barry pull a big log out he was cutting up for firewood.tom3


I decided to go up and see what they were doing.

Tom was hooking up the log from the tree Barry cut down earlier which didn’t fall on the road like it should have.log4


They got it partly on the road.log5


And then hooked it up again to get it on the road more.log12


It took a couple tries, but they eventually got it all the way on the road.log6


Back to the spring

I went back to working on the spring now that I was rested up.

On the way back, I stopped to pick up a piece of this black pipe to measure the amount of water in the new spring.pipe7


I knocked a bunch of the dirt and rocks off above the spring as it was going to fall down in it anyway. Now I need to shovel it out again.rock8


I got it shoveled out again and looking at it, I think I need to make a hole to collect the water to tap it, but not now.spring11


To check how  much water is coming out of that spring, I made a small dam and put the black pipe in to collect the water for measuring.dam9


Here’s the spring output. I need to bring up a one gallon container to measure it. You fill up the one gallon container while measuring the time and you can find how many gallons per  minute the spring is putting out. I waited for the water to clean up and got a nice drink.water11


After that, I went on  home and spent the rest of the day in the yard.

Nice day.

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