The Mouth Looked Like It Was Closed and It Had Just Opened Up As I Checked It Out

Monday November 7, 2016 Jenner CA.

Was the river’s mouth closed

I put my boat in the water at the boat ramp at Jenner this morning. I noticed the water level was up as if the mouth might be closed, so I decided to paddle on down that way to see what state it was in. I paddled down along here on the north side of the river. The sun was showing and there was a light wind.river


  Before I arrived at the river’s mouth I could see the ocean was a bit on the rough side. That’s ocean waves breaking over the jetty rocks.waves


The mouth looks like it just opened up

It looked like the mouth had just opened up and was going out the hole in the jetty again as I approached. Lots of birds and harbor seals on the shore. This is looking out into the Pacific ocean over the mouth.mouth


Spooked the seals

I drifted right up close as the water current was slowly pulling me out and I got too close to the harbor seals and spooked them a bit, but no harm.

A lot of the river water was going through the slot in the jetty again.ocean


And it was opening up the area to the right also as I watched. Some Pelicans were flying around too.pels


Brown pelicans are getting their matting feathers

I didn’t’ stay too long as the current was getting stronger as it was also low tide, so I headed on up along the sand and went by a lot of birds

Brown Pelicans and seagulls.pelis


The brown pelicans are getting their mating plumage as you can see by these preening birds.pelicans


Paddled onto the flooded island

I continued on and decided to paddle over onto Penny Islands bottom end as it was flooded. I sat here at the end of the island and watched the harbor seals in the water.islandseal


I went by this cormorant sunning as I paddled up along the island.cor


At the upper end of the island I went by this great blue heron fishing in the shallows.her


Kenny shows up and joins me for a paddle

I continued up above Penny Island when a yellow kayak approached which turned out to be Kenny, so he joined me and we slowly worked our way up the river. Just past Eagle’s landing this little gull paddled right up to us and hung around while we shoot the bull.gull


Kenny decided he needed to go ashore so we paddled across the river and he got out and stretched a bit.ken


Pointed out some trails

From there we paddled back across the river to this spot I call Muskrat as I pointed out some of the places I go ashore in this area. musk


Heading on back

After sitting in this area for awhile, we turned and headed back down the river, crossing back over by Paddy’s rock.

Just below the rock I went by this cormorant sitting on these tree limbs. It kept it’s eye on us, but didn’t fly off.cormor


Time to head in for the day

About that time Kenny left and went ahead to the boat ramp as I took my time paddling on down which looked like this looking down towards the ocean. The wind had settled down earlier and it was real nice out.riverwest


I loaded my boat on the car and went on home for the day where the sun had already gone down with the time change and all.

That was my day for a nice one.

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  1. bnoble2012 says:

    Hi Ken,
    Weather was sure nice out and it was a nice paddle just taking it easy on the river. Need to tale a hike up the hill with you one of these days.

  2. A full Fall day in the estuary, Mediterranean climate, good fellowship (with one of the most knowledgeable and experienced guides on the river), priceless advice on exit strategy, it don’t get any better than this. Thank you!

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