The Mapping App and Looking For the Old Animal Trail

Tuesday July 5, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trail exploring day

There were a few clouds in the sky today for a nice day.sky2


Around 3 I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up into the hills.


But first I set up my phone with GeoMap as I wanted to try recording the routes where I walked today. All I had to do was open the app and push record and start walking and it would record where I went.map1


Water tanks

On the way up I went by the water tanks to check the pink ribbon water level gauge. The tanks are almost full, just two feed down from the top says the pink ribbon. That means I can water a bit more.tanks3


From there I rode on up to the trailhead where I’ve been working lately taking this road.road4


Old animal trail

When I got to the trailhead I sat down and enjoyed the day a bit before working my way up this old animal trail that seems to come and go in places.trail5


No video today

I didn’t do a video today as I figured I’d be going around and around looking for the old trail in spots and be busy enough doing that.


I spotted these two sticks poking up in the ground and remembered I’d put them there a long time ago to mark where a piece of the trail started so I followed them until I lost the trail again.sticks6


Some places were fairly easy going. I knew the trail had to be around here someplace or at least it should be as this was a likely place for one.trail7


Old orange flag

I spotted this orange ribbon in the tree which I checked out. It turned out to be another mark of where the trail starts again which I had put up a long time ago, so I followed that for a bit until I lost the trail again.flag8


Phone mapped

I made it as far as I wanted to go and decided to try and follow the route back that I had mapped on the phone, or at least watch the route to  make sure I was going in the right direction. That turned out to be not so easy as with the big trees, the route didn’t seem to be that accurate, or maybe I just need more practice using the thing. :O)


Anyway the purpose of this trip was to explore where the old trail went and try to figure out the best route so I needed to explore around a bit going different ways to have a look for the best way.

I went through these big redwood trees where it seemed the trail should go.trail9


Break spot

I was pretty tired out by now so I sat down in this area for a break before making my way back to the trailhead where there was a chair that I needed to use.trail10


The view

It was quite a ways back to the trailhead and I was pretty warn out by the time I got there. I sat down and enjoyed the view and rested up a bit.view13


Map route

I checked out the app on the phone which looked like this . The trailhead is on the left and I walked to the right and on back again.phone11


You can see from all the squiggles that I wondered around a bit.map12


Headed for home

Once I was rested up enough I hopped on my trusty dirt bike and rode on down to this spot where I stopped to check out a water spring.spring14


I rode on home from there and about all I could do was a nap.

Nice day.

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One Response to The Mapping App and Looking For the Old Animal Trail

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    While it may be a fun app and could prove to be helpful,
    it sure lets you know you’re not alone in the woods.
    Big brother is by your side.
    Wonder where you wander no more :o)
    Have a nice day, Bob.

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