The Little Town of Jarbidge NV.

Monday June 9, 2014 Bearpaw Mountain Camp NV.

Started off the day at the Columbet Creek Camp

That’s where I woke up this morning. Had a nice peaceful night. No generators, or noisy neighbors.

I went for a short walk up the creek a few hundred yards this morning and then packed up and headed out for the town of Jarbidge.

This is my view of my camp this morning.columbetcamp


I traveled this road on the way out back to the main dirt road to Jarbidge. Jarbidge is located near the base of that mountain with snow on it on the left. That’s where I’m now headed to see about some internet access?trail

This road into Jarbidge goes up the Jarbidge river and is fairly scenic. Just one of the views driving toward Jarbidge.roadin


I stopped at the trash disposal site on the way into town and got rid of the little garbage I had.

Jarbidge Nevada

Last time I was here, last year, I had heard that the lady at the gas station also provided internet access. I didn’t really need gas, but a full tank in the desert is always a good idea. She had diesel and regular gas, open all the time set up to use a credit card. $ 4.60 a gallon, not too bad considering it’s way back here in the sticks.gas


I didn’t see the lady around so I couldn’t get a password to get on her internet.

I headed back through town, headed for The Store to see Ray. The town has a couple bars and cafes and motels and RV places to stay. There is also plenty of free camping around.jarbidge


This is the town’s little Store that Ray has been running for years. I always stop to shoot the bull and I asked him about public internet access, does he know of a place in town?store


Sure, he says, you can use my place. Great I says, as now I don’t have a need to go to Twin Falls ID. and can go back to camping out. :O)

I shot the bull with Ray for a bit, then went to his house to use his internet.

On the way out of town I passed this RV Park.rvpark


I stopped for a lunch break by the Jarbidge river just out of town and a nap too. The river was running fast as the snow is melting on the surrounding mountains.

One of my views on the way out of town.roadout2


Headed for my Bearpaw Mountain camp

I decided I would head to my Bearpaw camp, which meant I had to go back the way I had come and head for the old Jones Ranch.

When I got to the Jones ranch, I headed for the Black Rock Crossing, and turned left about seven miles out up a pipeline.

This is the road I was traveling on for about seven miles. Didn’t see another soul on this road for some reason?loneroad


After I got to the pipeline, I turned left and headed for those hills in the background, as I wanted to camp up in them. I’m following this road, which isn’t too bad, but it’s another seven miles or so. :O) Turns out I came in the long way, but that’s exploring.bearpaw


As I approached the hills, things got lusher. My road goes right through those wild flowers.roadup


I climbed up the hill a couple hundred vertical feet or so to this camp spot which has quite the view, looking out over the Diamond A


I set up camp and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Sunset looked good from my vantage point.sunset


I plan to stay here for a day or two just puttering around, taking it easy.

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  1. Keith Wilkenson says:

    I love your photos! Memories… Have you been back recently to Jarbidge? I haven’t been there for years. Thank you!

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