The Doctor’s Appointment That Wasn’t and Corned Again Because I’m Not Thinking

Monday November 27, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Just one of those days

Today I thought I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:30AM. I laid down around10:30 to kill some time and when I next looked at the clock, it said 11:15. Oops. I had a thirty minute drive to Forestville where the doc was, so I jumped in the car and hurried over there, hoping the doc would be late for the appointment.

Rush was for not

When  I walked in the lady said she didn’t expect to see me today. What? Turns out my appointment is for tomorrow so the rush was for not.

Looking for better gloves

I needed some more nitrile gloves for my hands as they are still drying out and cracking so I drove over to Harbor Freight where I thought they might have more of a selection and maybe some xxlarges, but they didn’t. I was able to get a couple boxes of xlarges which will do and some other tools too.

Visit with Joe

So now I had some time so I drove over to my friend Joe’s house for a visit. He’s always working on some projects so we look at them and shoot the bull a lot.

Gut flora

Joe has been drinking a Chlorophyll extract so I asked him about it as I was thinking I could use some to  improve my gut flora.

So I got the name of it and he offered to make me a drink, so I said  yes, unfortunately.

I did get some work done on the van’s project

After about an hour I left for home and immediately got  my tools together and started to work on the van’s added cooling system for the engine as I needed to get the old hose off so I would knew how much I needed to buy to get a longer hose for the job.

Of course the van’s belly pan was getting in the way and making things  difficult, so I finally did what I needed to do and removed it, about fifteen minutes.

With the belly pan off

Once that is done I can get to things and wrenches are easier to turn. When I took the heater hose off fluid started dripping all over the  place so I had to watch it. I finally went in the house and got an old towel to help with the problem.

I tried to keep the new hose connection short, but that caused it to kink. I had to make it longer which was ok as there was room for it.

That’s all I wanted to do today on that, so now I can buy the extra heater hose I need to continue hooking this thing up.

Unfortunately, I got corned

It wasn’t long after that when I realized I’d been hit with corn stuff and my legs where really starting to itch, so what did I eat today?

Only the chlorophyll drink at Joe’s house. Darn I didn’t even think to look at the ingredients.

Checked things out online

So I went on line and looked up the ingredients. The listed ingredients were a bit on the vague side. There was one questionable item, but worse then that, there was a lot of stuff missing. I finally realized they didn’t list a lot of stuff, like what did they use to extract the chlorophyll from the plants? No listing. I know from experience that they likely used corn alcohol as it works good for that as it  is a lot cheaper than most other things that can be used.

I called Joe and informed him that his product wasn’t what it was  supposed to be and was indeed a GMO product and he should find something better. Of course he said he was sorry, but I said it wasn’t his fault it was mine, not his. I’m the one responsible for what I put into my body.

First time in about a month

This is the first time in about a month that I’ve gotten hit with corn which means my body rashes have changed a bit, so I was a bit curious as to how this was going to hit me and for how  long, which I will find out as in the past this stuff would hit me hard for about twelve hours, so I’ll see.

I think I need to learn my lesson

Almost every time I try to add something which I think might help me out, I get bombed so maybe I need to learn my lesson and not try new things out without being much more cautious. But in the end, the only way to test a product is to eat it and suffer if I guessed wrong. Not a good method, but that’s the only way I can know for sure if a product is corned, eat it and see.

So tomorrow I will make my Doctor’s appointment again  and try not to be late.

That was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    That’s too bad about the corn stuff. It must be really tough keeping track of everything you eat, especially when offered ‘new’ stuff.

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